Thursday, March 25, 2010

Images of Spring

Yesterday, my mother and I went for a walk.  I took my camera.  It was a truly lovely day!

We saw new shoots emerging...

Leaves unfurling...

Plants growing everywhere...

The sun shining on old rosehips and new buds.

The sun made everything bright and hazy to my camera lense.

We wondered what was wrong with these berries, that the birds never ate them in the Fall!

It was a windy day, and the water was curling into small waves as it hit the shore.

I love the pattern of branches on sky.

New buds on windblown branches.

The moon in a bright blue sky.

This bird, a Mourning Dove, sits on the wire outside our house almost every day, singing her sweet, melancholy song...

When I don't spend time outside every day, I feel like I'm not living life properly.  Yet at the same time, taking walks often saddens me.  So much development, pavement, cars, and lonely patches of bedraggled woods.  Things aren't the way they're supposed to be.  But a sunny day is still beautiful...



  1. So beautiful and evocative - love Spring walks (or any walks with Nature, actually). The things you can see when you look are astonishing aren't they? Even the 'ordinary' things...

  2. Idzie - great photos!

    Funny I was going to take a picture of the Moon last night while watching the sunset on Lake Michigan. I pointed my camera towards the sky and I realized that my camera is not good enough and would not take a decent shot. I am glad one of us took a picture of the moon! :)

  3. Hmmm, I thought at first that they might be honeysuckle berries, but they're small and orange. (Honeysuckle berries are poisonous to humans - don't know about birds), but instead I think they're the squishy red ones.
    How's that for scientific? :) I don't know what they are. Might know in a few weeks when we start to have leaves..... :)
    yay, Spring!

  4. I got two thoughts for ya-

    Have you heard of psychogeography?

    I love birdsong. I'm starting to hear them a lot (i.e. actually listen to them) nowadays. They're powerful musicians!

  5. I appreciate a walk even with the pavement and such, because nature finds her way. Through every little crack, even a broken down building, the birds and seeds find a way to return. Beautiful pictures.