Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looking for submissions for the Summer 2010 issue of DIY Life Zine!

(This is cross-posted from the zine website, DIY Life Zine)

I'm now looking for submissions for submissions of articles, opinions, artwork, poetry, quotes, and anything else you want to send me for the Summer 2010 issue of DIY Life.  I originally chose this theme because I feel it gives a ton of freedom in what you submit (anything from physical DIY projects, to articles on radical political philosophy, to education, parenting, crafting, and beyond!) while still retaining a more radical feel and outlook.   As a side-note, your submission can also be ANTI or AGAINST something you see as being opposed to a DIY lifestyle (i.e. corporations).  I'm looking for submissions from EVERYONE who's interested in creating (writing, drawing, etc.) something that would fit the general theme, no matter your age, political leanings, or anything else (this is added because of several questions I've received asking about this)!

The theme is pretty flexible, but I do reserve the right to not accept submissions that really do not fit with the theme (i.e. why public schooling is absolutely necessary), though I don’t really expect to turn down many things, if anything!

Word count can be as much as 1500 words.  If more than that, it will be split up into multiple parts, to be published in consecutive issues of DIY Life.  To see what the Winter 2010 issue looked like, go here, and to get some ideas for what to write about, go here!

This is a biannual zine, that publishes a Winter and a Summer issue.  The current deadline for the Summer 2010 issue is June 1st. If you're interested in writing something, but want opinions on what to write about, or have any questions, please contact me at open.eyed.slave@gmail.com.

I'm really excited about this issue, and I'm going to actually work on making it a real zine this time, with more artwork and stuff, since the last issue was sorely lacking!  Because of this, I'm putting an emphasis on looking for sketches, artwork, cool Crimethinc style political stuff/art, and anything else you think would be good in a zine, as well as cover art.

When you send something in, please include a SHORT bio (maximum 250 characters, not words), that includes your personal website, email address, blog, Twitter or deviantART account, or any other web address, if you want it to be included.

Have any questions?  Contact me, Idzie,  at open.eyed.slave@gmail.com

Thank you to everyone for your interest and support, and I'm really looking forward to what you have to share! :-D



  1. Totally submitting to this.
    Love your layout, by the way. ;)

  2. I'll submit. Is it alright if I do art and writing?

  3. @Margy: Awesome! :-D And thank you. :-)

    @allyourbones: Wonderful!! And definitely okay if you do both art and writing. :-) Never mind okay, it's great that you want to do both lol! :-P

  4. I really want to do this, I even know what I want to write about, but my creativity always seems to vanish when I try to do things like this.

    Put my name down tentatively?

  5. What a neat idea, Idzie! I'd love to participate with some of my handmade, upcycled, reclaimed fabric jewelry. Do you need it as a project though, or can I just submit pics of finished pieces?

  6. I'm writing an essay at the moment, so maybe when that's done I can send it to you? It's about education, but particularly the UK system. Is that okay? If not, I'll think of something else to submit. What kind of circulation is your zine?

  7. @Starre: Oh, I'm just happy if people are interested, and hope they'll end up sending something! But I don't really keep track of who's interested, and totally understand if they end up not sending anything in... So totally don't worry about it. :-)

    @Azra Momin: Thanks! :-) That sounds really cool! I'd need it as a project though, an article about using reclaimed materials, or something like that, along with photos...

    @Primavera: As in, about the problems with the UK system? Or just about it? I'd need to hear a bit more about it, but it sounds like it would probably work! Thanks for your interest! :-)

  8. I'm writing about the need for a 'happiness index' in the state examination of schools. But it may delve into some more general areas of freedom in students' lives.