Monday, March 1, 2010

Summer Montreal Unschoolers Gathering

I've been having a difficult time of things lately, emotionally.  I'm not thrilled to be turning 19 in less than two weeks, and having some family issues.  But, one thing that's making me feel happier at the moment is a tentative unschoolers gathering this Summer in Montreal that my mother and I are (looking at) organizing...

Tentative time: June or July 2010

Tentative place: A campground within an hour of downtown Montreal

My mother and I are actually going to be visiting a campground with a building to rent this week!

If you're interested in possibly attending this gathering (if it ends up happening), and would like to provide some much needed and appreciated input, join the Yahoo! group here:  SMUG: Summer Montreal Unschoolers Gathering.

Montreal is a gorgeous city, and I'd love to share it with a bunch of awesome unschoolers!! :-)



  1. This is a very exciting possibility, Idzie. I would love to come.

  2. Yes, very exciting, and I'd love it if you could come!! :-)

  3. Turning 19 is not the worse thing in the world! It's just a number... I just turned 35 and I think I'll just stop counting the years from now on. Why do we count our years anyways? Why not the days, weeks, minutes or seconds? Who came up with the sillyness that is birthdays anyways? I hope your family issues work out in a positive way. Glad you are out there blogging about your life experiences. Keep it up my friend! :)

  4. I've never been to Montreal before...
    looks exciting! I would love to come as well!

  5. We love the idea of Montreal (we live in Northern Michigan.) Would the gathering be for all ages?

    19-21 are "the tumultuous years" in my book --I am nearly 39 now-- so much expectation (from others), so many choices to make and not much $$ a driving want for freedom, hampered by reality (I recall a lot of contemplative napping... a lot.) With a brilliant mind like yours and all the support of your adoring fans, you'll do well... just make sure you know you have help/support when you need it (yes, I am a Mom ;))