Saturday, March 13, 2010

Vlog: Unschooling=No Procrastinating?

Answering a question I was asked today, in response to my previous video Ask me questions about unschooling?.

Unschooling=No Procrastinating?

And don't worry, this sudden surge in vlogging is most likely short lived.  I'll have more written blog posts up soon!


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  1. Idzie,

    What a great topic and I like the video blog-Very cool! I wrote a bit on my blog ( about my daughter's wedding and my frustration with her procrastination and, eventually, my realization that I was trying to force my own way of doing things (ie... anal, finished weeks before it is due etc...) on her- and that is wrong. Here she is 22 and I was nagging her about waiting until the last minute. Her wedding turned out great and everything flowed well; her music got done, her flowers were all set and everything worked out well. I decided at her wedding while I watched it all unfold around me that I was the one with the issue, not her. If procrastination works well for her, then I should accept that. My 18-almost 19- year old is in college and she ALWAYS waits until right before a paper is due and I have quit nagging her about it because I can see it works for her!

    I love reading your blog, it is so intelligent and refreshing!!

    Lori (AKA @Treehugster)