Saturday, April 3, 2010

Minor Blog Updates

If you've looked recently, you'll notice that there's a new page, Speaking At... This is because I, and/or my family, have been asked to speak at several different places!  Check out the page for more information...

Also, as of today I've posted my comment policy on the right sidebar, which reads:

I love love love comments, love reading what you have to say, your experiences, opinions, stories. However, I also hate debating, and much prefer to share instead of argue, so I'd appreciate it if you refrained from trying to start debates (I don't consider sharing opposing views to be "trying to start debates". I just ask that people please respect my desire to not get involved in arguments!  I love respectful discussions.  I'm not so fond of arguing!). Please keep all comments respectful! Remember that there's a real person behind those words on the screen, be they mine or another commenter, a person that can be hurt by unkind words. I do not delete comments expressing differing or opposing views, but I do delete comments that are overtly sexist, racist, homophobic, or otherwise hateful in nature. Thanks for your understanding, and I'm really looking forward to hearing what you have to say!!

I want to add that this has NOTHING to do with comments I've received recently, so if you're worrying if I posted that because of something you said, don't worry, I didn't. :-) It's just something I've been meaning to add for a while, as I get an ever increasing amount of traffic on my blog, since I figure it's something that's going to prove useful...

If anyone has any other ideas for blog improvements, I'd love to hear them!  Just comment here, or drop me a line at



  1. Careful, you may come across as unable to accept other points of view.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! Which bits...? I tried to make it clear that I like hearing all different opinions, just not arguing them!

  3. I'm a former political animal in a past life. Just more that if some might translate it as refusing to discuss opposing views rather than not able to cope with the action of butting heads to debate.

  4. It's been edited, with assistance from my sister. Thanks muchly for your input! :-)

  5. Love the "Speaking At" page, and will check it for the fall conference updates!

    Have you seen The Great Debaters, a Denzel Washington movie? I think there are certain topics that you are very passionate and knowledgeable about, and could quite comfortably "debate". To me, debating is more objective, leaving out the personal attacks. Arguing is the heated, personal stuff where feelings are hurt. I guess what I am saying is to keep that debating door open, you may someday find you enjoy it. Other people also learn a great deal from listening to a good debate.

  6. @Andrea: Thanks! No, I haven't seen that movie... In person, there's a pretty clear line between debating and arguing (using your definitions of the two). Online, I find those lines are really hard for both parties to see, and usually feelings end up getting hurt! So I'm not really shutting the debating door permanently, just saying that right now, I don't usually feel comfortable debating: doubly so if the debating is happening online!

  7. Yes, it is true that online comments can be misleading. Leaving out "you" in most instances seems to help. Good stuff to think about!