Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Anarchist Bookfair This Weekend!

A very exciting event is going on this weekend: the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair!

It's called a "bookfair", but I think it's more accurately described as a "convention" or "conference".  Yes, there's a main hall full of countless wonderful books, zines, fliers etc., but there's also art on exhibition, films showing, and a bunch of workshops and talks.  I'm very happy to be part of one of those talks, a panel on radical education!  From the site:


An introduction to alternative forms of education, beyond compulsory state education. We will explore ways to support kids in leading their own learning and education. Find out about education alternatives in Montreal and beyond.

The first part of this discussion will look at radical education alternatives in the Montreal-area presented by members of the Rad School, Cap Libre and a presentation on “Unschooling: Learning through Living”.

The second part of this discussion will look at other worldviews of radical alternative education. Presenters will include Jerry Mintz from AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization in New York).

Our presenters will be speaking about their experiences creating radical spaces for education of children. Various examples of “free schools” and “autonomous schools” will be presented, as well as examples of home-schooling. Our presenters collectively have many years of experience with seeing children grow and thrive in spaces that encourage and value true freedom and independence.

This workshop is part of the Anarchist Parents Discussion Room, which also includes an Alternative Birthing workshop (which includes a great local unschooling mom and blogger) and a workshop on Supporting Parents Dealing With State Authorities.  There is also an Indigenous Solidarity room and an Anti-Capitalist Resistance room, as well as assorted other workshops.

Last year, I went to the bookfair, but didn't know anyone, and didn't go to any workshops.  Even then, I really enjoyed wandering around, loved the atmosphere, and came home with lots of goodies!  I'm looking forward to attending a bunch more this year, as well as actually contributing by being a part of one of these workshops!

If you're anywhere in the area, I hope to see you there! :-)


P.S. A post on my trip to Gaspe, the reason I haven't posted in so long, will be coming soon...

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