Thursday, June 24, 2010

Driving Driving Driving

I usually don't shy away from learning about the things that anger me, horrify me, and sometimes break my heart.  But with the damn oil spill, I've been avoiding hearing about it as much as I can.  I feel so incredibly helpless, and every time I think of it I just want to burst into tears.

"Even now, we hardly love the Earth or see with eyes or listen any longer with our ears, and we scarcely feel our hearts beat before they break in protest." Stanley Diamond

But today, I saw this new song on Facebook by Kimya Dawson, an artist I adore, and loved it.  So I wanted to share it with you.  It's called Driving Driving Driving.



  1. ... Wow. That's beautiful. I love it -- such a powerful, gentle, angry song.

  2. I watched the entire song, and wow. Thanks for putting this up.

  3. such a powerful song- I could feel chills going right through me. An absolute love.

  4. thank you for putting this up.....i think i started crying about a quarter of the way through.

    so much truth here...


  5. I hate to make you feel angrier about the spill, but have you seen ? It takes a picture of the spill and puts it over a map of your hometown so you can see how big it really is. Looking at it in the Gulf, it doesn't seem that big but this site really puts it in perspective. Unfortunately, I live on the affected coast so I don't really need any more perspective on how big it is.

  6. That is a good song. This BP spill is devastating and will have major ramifications for years to come.

  7. Thank you for sharing this Idzie.
    It's important to share this.