Monday, June 21, 2010


I have a longstanding love affair with food.  As horribly cliche as that sounds, it's pretty true!

To me, food is something fascinating and fun and exciting.  I love trying new things, looking at food and eating in new ways, and playing with eating different diets (and when I say "diet", I mean it in the lets-try-a-new-way-of-eating way, not the I'm-trying-to-lose-weight way).  I adore fresh foods (I was delighted when my mother brought home organic snap peas on Saturday, that she picked from the vines herself!), healthy and organic stuff, food from different cultures...

I tend to go in cycles in terms of cooking more and eating better, versus cooking less and eating worse.  I start to feel not so great, get tired of the boring stuff I've been eating, and realize that I need to cook more.  I start cooking a lot more, and feeling better and more excited about food again, before I start slowly slacking off...  I'm currently in the stage of realizing the food I've been eating isn't making me feel so good, so starting to cook again!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in the sun, watching my sister march in a parade with one of her highland bands.  The food that was served there was your usual hot dogs and hamburgers, so I ate a couple veggie (soy) burgers there, despite the fact that those are definitely not on my list of foods that makes me feel good, or even on a list of foods I particularly like (I was hungry, okay?)!  But when I got home, I decided that I wanted to eat something healthy, and also something grain free.  So I fried an egg (seasoned with herbs) in coconut oil, then heaped steamed kale and baby garlic on top of it.  A bit of salt sprinkled on top, and voila!  Healthy, grain free, and not too bad on the taste buds. 

Since I was still hungry after that, instead of turning to my usual snacks of grain based foods, I ate a bunch of the aforementioned snap peas then baked some carrots with coconut oil and a bit of brown sugar.  Vegetables for the win!

What we eat has a HUGE impact on our overall health and well being.  It affects how much we get sick and how long it takes to get better; it affects our moods and emotional well-being; how much energy we have and how well we sleep...  What we put into our bodies affects everything.  And for different people, different  ways of eating are needed!  Which is why I like playing with my diet.  I love seeing what changes I see in myself from changing what I eat.

My newest food experiment is the no-grains thing.  I've been reading interesting stuff about grains, and how they probably shouldn't be such a dietary staple for so many people.  I want to go entirely grain free for a week once SMUG passes (I'm way too busy until then!), which should be interesting!

Other ways of eating I want to try at some point are a sugar free diet (processed sugar, not foods with natural sugar), a dairy free diet, a paleo diet (minus the meat), and eating raw food more regularly.  Maybe eating entirely raw one day a week?  The possibilities are virtually endless, and when food is looked at as something interactive and interesting, it's also genuinely fun!


P.S. Sorry I've been a bit neglectful of this blog, and that this post might be not so hot!  Life has been busy, and inspiration for blog posts has been virtually non-existent.  Hopefully that will change soon!


  1. Sesame seeds on the carrots are good as well, and marinating them in a sauce of mustard and honey. You can also do this with parsnips. I love food too and also find that when life is hurried and I don't cook, we eat badly (like hotdogs twice last week).

  2. mmmm, food! i was just marveling today at how wonderful it is, especially summertime food (as in, food that is grown Here, when the weather is right for it, not shipped in from somewhere else). i was eating my sugar daddy peas today (sweet as candy!!!) and lettuce and strawberries...oh yum! i would be interested to hear how your diet changing experiments go. i think if we really listen to our bodies, it's easy to discern what foods are best for us! and i do always wonder how much our ancestry affects the foods that are best for us; as in, if we have a strong background from a particular region, do our bodies respond best to a diet native to and in rhythm with that part of the world? ok, now i'm hungry!

  3. Yum! I was just thinking today how much I love cooking and have to admit it to myself, haha!

    This dish you made looks really good! I would of added some tomatoes and maybe a few slices of cheese! Are you vegan or vegetarian? I am vegetarian and I love cheese!!! A dairy free diet is challenging as I have done it. I was vegan for a few years and when I rediscovered cheese I was in love with it!

  4. Loved this post :) I know carbohydrates are probably not the best thing for our bodies, at all...grain-based carbs that is. But at the same time they are a huge part of my diet...although I always try to balance it out with lots of vegetables. My personal feeling is that a primarily veg. and protein based diet is the best, but I don't really like meat [and only eat free-ranged meat in any case] and this throws me back on CHEESE a lot...which I hear is also not the best. Yogurt, because it's fermented, is better....but nothing can compare to melted cheese..yum :)