Saturday, July 10, 2010

Talks and Magazines

As the early registration deadline comes closer, I wanted to tell my readers about the Toronto Unschooling Conference.  Happening in September, it's the only Canadian unschooling conference (conference, not gathering) that I know of, and I'm excited to be going for the first time!!

I'm also both excited and totally terrified that I'll be speaking there, not just attending.  I've done talks on unschooling before, but only introductory ones, where I give a short speech then answer lots of questions.  But this time I'm doing a *real*, non-introductory speech.  A LONG one (minimum 45 minutes).  I can't help but find this slightly terrifying.  Also exciting, though, so I'm just trying to look at it as a challenge and have faith that I can manage it!

I haven't written up a proper description yet (I need to, and will, very soon, at which point I'll link to it on my Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the Speaking At page on this blog), but basically what I'll be talking about is unschooling in the teenage and college years, not going to college, and stuff like that...  I have some scattered ideas, they just need to be drawn together and fleshed out to create a proper talk!

In other interesting news, a past article/post of mine that you may remember, The Necessity of Shakespeare, appears in the July/August issue of Life Learning Magazine, a terrific online magazine about all things life learning/unschooling.  It's edited by probably my favorite big name unschooling advocate, Wendy Priesnitz, and I'm thrilled for my article to be included in an issue that also includes an article by a marvelous author (of 101 Reasons Why I'm an Unschooler) and online friend Peggy Pirro, as well as awesome unschooling mom, writer, and Twitter friend Kelly Hogaboom.  Yeah.  Lots of cool people!

Annnd, that's about it for updates, at the moment.  I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed and drained lately (not to mention emotionally volatile), so I can't promise there will be all that many posts in the near future, but, as always, when inspiration strikes I will write!

I hope all my lovely readers are enjoying the (extremely hot, if you happen to be in certain places) summer weather!



  1. I didn't know if we were going to attend the next Toronto unschooling conference, but since I know you're doing a talk we might try harder. I heard about the talk you gave at the AQED conference, lots of my friends really appreciated it. We need to see and hear from persons who were unschool all throught their life. I'm a (fench) mother of two unschool boys (9-12) who would appreciate hearing you talking about who you became because of an unschool life. So thanks in advance!

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  3. Idzie, I'm honored to be included in an effort including you and Wendy Priesnitz! I can't wait to read the issue. Good job!