Sunday, October 10, 2010

Asian Inspired Tastiness

Now, there are some things you should probably know about my food and cooking preferences before I jump into this post, and share a couple of (vague: I rarely measure) recipes:
  1. I firmly believe that kale is the greatest leafy green ever.  It's one of the first veggies you can get at the farmers market in early spring and one of the last in late fall.  It's extremely healthy, and it actually tastes good (I should mention at this point that I'm not a big fan of most greens, so that's saying something!).
  2. I love Asian inspired food.
  3. I love tamari soy sauce.
  4. I eating food in these awesome, perfectly large sized clear glass bowls we have.  Eating food out of them makes me feel all happy and cozy.
Now on to the food!

Stir-fried Kale With Quinoa

Pretty simple really: I chop up some kale (chopping up the leaves and stalks separately) and some bell pepper, cook it with tamari soy sauce, water, and a bit of this seasoning powder called Nonya (which is made up of onions, garlic, chillies, and lemon), adding chopped kale stalks first and cooking for several minutes before adding the leaves, then after another few minutes the pepper, to make sure that everything is cooked enough to become tender, but not too soft.  When done, serve over warm quinoa.  

Vegetable Chow Mein

About 6 smallish stalks of kale, leaves & stalks chopped up separately
1 medium onion, sliced
Some baby bok choy (maybe half of a head?), white part and leaves used, sliced
2 small red bell peppers, cut into smallish pieces
1 small hot pepper, ribs & seeds removed, chopped finely
A bunch of thin egg noodles (about 250 or 300 g uncooked)
Tamari soy sauce (I just add it by what looks and tastes right!)
About 1 tsp Salt
About 1 tsp Sugar
Olive oil or other vegetable oil, for cooking.
Toasted sesame oil

1. In a large frying pan, put enough veggie oil to cover the bottom of the pan. Add kale stalks (not leaves!) and let cook for a few minutes. (If I don't let them cook longer than the other ingredients, they end up tough)
2. Add kale leaves, onion, and hot pepper, adding more oil as/if necessary.
3. Sometime during first two steps, cook egg noodles as instructed on package then rinse in cold water and set aside.
4. When onions are fairly soft and kale looks nearly done add the bok choy and bell pepper (continuing to add oil on an as needed basis). Continue cooking for a couple of minutes, until bok choy and pepper are lightly cooked, crispy yet tender.
5. Put the cooked veggies in a large pot (I use the same one I cooked the noddles in), along with the noodles, enough veggie oil that everything won't stick, a splash of sesame oil, the salt and sugar, and the soy sauce.
6. Stir until everything is warmed through and the noodles are just starting to stick to the bottom of the pan, and serve!

I made this for supper tonight, and every single picky family member enjoyed it!

Garlic Noodle Soup

Veggie stock with some water, tamari soy sauce,  Nonya seasoning (powdered onions, garlic, chillies, and lemon), makes up the broth.  Then I fry (with a bit of oil then water added as needed) kale, bell peppers, onions, and LOTS of garlic (this is the type of soup I like to eat when sick) until tender, add to soup broth, add uncooked noodles to soup and cook until ready, then eat and enjoy.

Sushi Salad

This is what I eat when I feel like sushi, but don't feel like spending the two hours needed to make it!  It's pretty simple:

Sticky rice/sushi rice
Chopped up cucumbers, bell peppers, avocado, and any other veggies I like i my sush
Torn up nori (seaweed)
Sweet pickled ginger

And as a dressing:
Equal parts rice vinegar (seasoned or plain) and tamari soy sauce
A pinch of sugar
Wasabi powder to taste (I'm assuming fresh would be better, it just seems I only have powdered left every time I make this).

Mix it all up, and enjoy the yummy-ness!!

I love experimenting with food, never following recipes exactly, making up my own recipes, and just having fun with it.  I hope the stuff I've shared here can maybe inspire you to go make some yummy food of your own! :-)


  1. Yum yum and by the way YUM. This is the way we LOVE to eat.

    I just read today about drying kale --think we may try it, somehow I imagine it would be perfect for an udon noodle soup...


  2. Kale IS the best green ever. I cheered out loud today when I spied my first sprouts of my winter planting of kale.

    Have you tried it baked? I freaking love baked kale chips and they are super easy to make: tear fresh kale into large bite sized pieces and place in a single layer on a cookie sheet. Drizzle with a tiny bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Bake at 250 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until barely brown.

  3. kale chips are also AMAZING with nutritional yeast(like Red Star)lemon juice and garlic.So yumtastic:)

  4. Kale is by far my favourite food as well. I work in a few community gardens in Vancouver and it was always growing. It still is growing to this day. We'd take some home every week. I haven't been too creative with it besides boiling it and then buttering it, fermenting it (this was delicious), and putting it in some soup. I'll definitely have to try out these recipes! :) Thanks!

  5. Yum !!! Funny ! I'm hungry now ! ;-)
    Kale is definitely the best of greens. I love to put it in our daily green smoothies, with bananas and another fruit, depending on the season. And your Sushi salad look so... delicious. When you'll come visit us, I'll make it. And, probably some times before...