Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making Transitions and Following Passions

The summer was just beginning when I last wrote here. The days were hot, and I was very happy for that heat. Summer is always a season with weather I very much enjoy. And now, the leaves are turning colour, the days are mostly cool, and the nights are downright cold. A whole season has passed, and I find myself thinking that it went both very quickly, and at the same time quite slowly.

Though it might be what you're hoping for, this post isn't about unschooling. Or, at least it isn't about the philosophy of unschooling, simply my own attempts to follow what I'm truly passionate about, and make my way in the world.

A whole season without posts, and somewhat sporadic ones before that. Quite a few people have expressed  disappointment at how little I've been writing here, and a very small part of me feels bad. I don't like disappointing people. But for the most part, I'm okay with it. Because honestly, I have to be open about how I'm just not that interested in  education/unschooling anymore. Not that I don't still care about it, just that I don't want it to be my main focus anymore.

This isn't a post to say this blog is ending, though. I would definitely like to keep writing here, when I feel moved to, and there are a handful of draft posts I really do plan on finishing. But I'm going to continue the recent trend of not writing here very often, for the simple reason that this isn't what's calling to me, my mind is mostly taken up with something else.

That something else being, as you might have guessed if you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, food. I love food. As in, really, really love it. Going to farmers markets is one of my favorite outings, lovely vegetables make me skip with joy, cooking something new makes me giddy with excitement. If I'm inside, there's probably at least one cookbook within arms reach. If I'm outside and not directly interacting with someone, I'm probably looking around spotting the edible plants I know, and wondering if the ones I don't recognize are edible. When I watch TV, it's mostly food shows, and if my family had cable, I would probably skip sleeping and just watch The Food Network all night, every night instead. I think you're probably getting the picture.

I like growing food to, because plants are awesome & I get food.

Lest this seem sudden, I've always really liked food, and enjoyed cooking for most of my teens years. And even this more intense passion for food has been around probably two years now. I guess what's mainly changed, as silly as it sounds, is that I've realized food can be my main focus. For some reason, that didn't occur to me at first.

It makes me a bit sad to see that alternative/freedom-based ed has gotten pushed to the side, becoming only one of many interests hanging around at the sidelines of my life, but at the same time, it feels good. What I really want to be focusing on right now, what I'm really interested in, is food firstly, and then radical sustainability, both of which overlap and fit together nicely. It's sad to realize that in many ways, an important phase in my life is over, but at the same time it feels so, so good to genuinely and truly know what I want to be doing. I don't feel like I'm floundering anymore. I might still not know how to go about getting what I want, but now I know what I want!

So right now, I'm trying to get the experience and knowledge necessary to cook professionally, since I really want to be doing that. I've looked into culinary schools, but most aren't really what I'm looking for, and the couple that look interesting are very pricey. Besides, I'm not even really sure that route feels like the one I'd like to take. What I'd really love to do is find some type of apprenticeship or internship type situation, with someone/some restaurant into vegetarian or local/sustainable food. Or possibly bread baking. Though I'm pretty flexible: as long as it's high quality cooking being done, and I don't have to personally do butchering or deal with raw meat, I'm good. An apprenticeship to me would be ideal! So, you know, if any readers have any ideas on how to pursue that, I would be very, very grateful if you'd share them!

When it comes to simply writing online, I think what feels best for me right now is to remain fairly quiet other than occasional posts on this blog. I have considered starting a food themed blog, but I've started so many failed blogs, I don't just want to add another to the list, since I'm really not sure I'd keep it up. I am trying to write down recipes, and write about cool food related experiences, so maybe if I collect enough of those I'll decide a blog might be in order. We'll see. Until then, I still post frequently, though now mostly about food, on Twitter, and if enough people are interested in reading short food-related updates, recipes, and food links, I could always start a Facebook page devoted to that (since I prefer to keep my private Facebook page, where I do a fair bit of that, private)!

I feel a need to thank all you readers for all the encouragement and support and enthusiasm you've shared with me over the years. I'm deeply, profoundly grateful for you all! And I hope, as I make transitions in my life and follow new passions, that you'll choose to stick around so we can continue to connect with each other, share experiences, and all that other stuff that's made me so highly value blogging, and the other online communities I'm a part of!

With best wishes,


  1. How wonderful to see an update from you! Food is an exciting bit of terrain and I'm sure you will bring the same passion to future endeavors as what we've seen here at this site!

    If you ever want to re-organize this site to reflect your new focus, whilst keeping all your old writings available, let us know. I'm guessing the last thing you want to do is mess about with this blog, so no pressure! Just an offer of help.

  2. Oh and both these posts are Kelly, not Ralph, I'm using his laptop and Chrome keeps signing me in as him.

  3. It feels wonderful to know what you want to do, even if it's not what you thought it'd be. I've been thinking about it a lot lately too. I wrote a blog post along the same lines as this one:

    I think having the One Thing That We Do sometimes gets in the way of realizing new interests or real passions that have always been there. But it feels really great to dive into new things or let old interests go when we're ready to give them up for something else. It's liberating.

  4. As a mom to two young unschooled girls I've appreciated your posts as I enjoy life with them. It's wonderful that you're following the things you love. It's good to let go of something that was a big interest and now simply doesn't require as much reflection on your part.

    Thanks for sharing the past few years with me and others who needed to hear things from your perspective.

    Miliana Johnson in Hawai'i

  5. My husband and I own a small cafe in Corvallis, OR called Sunnyside Up. We have an apprenticeship opportunity in place already. You can see it listed here on Blake Boles group for Grown Unschooler opportunities.

    Have a look and feel free to contact us. Good luck!

  6. I've appreciated your posts and am happy to see you enjoying your passions and your life. Good luck in all you do.

  7. So happy for you!

    You have already contributed so much to the unschooling/radical education field. You blog archive is a great place to send curious people and will definitely be helpful to many more in the future. To depart from this further shows that the practice of unschooling helps individuals find and follow their passions!

    I'm sure unschooling will always be a big part of you and that it may even reemerge from time to time.

    All the best in your next big adventure!

    PS. Don't hesitate to look into the raw-food movement ;)

  8. Hey Idzie,
    I'm with Miliana (homeschooling dad but), enjoyed years of sharing. now i wish you well on your next adventure. here's to embracing life, keeping changing, learning, evolving, staying fresh and curious....

    love to follow your writing as an unschooling mum some day/year ;)))
    best, terry in au

  9. EXCELLENT! Glad to see you writing, very enjoyable!

  10. Hi Idzie, my kids are the same way. They're grown unschoolers as well. And becoming an Unschooling Advocate just wasn't on their radar. Maybe someday down the road, if and when they have kids, it might resurface. But otherwise, they're just busy living life - just like you are. And that's just as it should be!!!

    Good luck in all your adventures!!

  11. I hope you don't mind that I mentioned your post on my blog "Homeschool Atheist Momma".
    I like it!

  12. so glad to read all this passion post! Idzie go for it!!! :O)
    i have been thinking about Bonny's restaurant while i read your post. do you know it, it's on notre-dame street in mtl.
    i love this place.
    hope you will find your happiness and way, because that's what we are all here for!
    take care

  13. It is a joy to see any sort of update. To post about school/unschooling would be the equivalant of anyone stuck in school/unschool.

    Life goes on and we grow. If not, how pathethic would that be?

    Enjoy the journey. Enjoy the changes. I love your passion.

  14. Aww; I will miss your frequent posts, but I'm so glad that you have found what you want to do and are going for it! You are a truly wonderful person and reading your blog/Tumblr posts have broadened my mind, & I recommend the blog wherever I can. So I think really, we should all be thanking you for your wonderful words!
    Huge amounts of good luck, anyway. I unfortunately don't know much about apprenticeships, but I really hope you find one! A Facebook page about food sounds most interesting, I'd definitely follow that if you started one.
    May your life be most wonderful and delicious <3

  15. I am very happy for you.
    Thank you for the support you have given me. Reading your blog was always a source of strength.

    Izumi, from Japan.

  16. I just discovered your blog... and while I am sad to see you won't be posting as frequently, I'm also VERY excited for you. There are few things as thrilling as completely embracing a passion for the first time. :)

  17. Have you seen River Cottage? An amazing show all about radical self sustaining with recipes. He is Gordan Ramsey's best friend. A quite amazing show.

  18. This is great Idzie, it seems like a natural progression, you to be moving out into the world out of yourself and into something you love. Wishing you the very best! A great testament to unschooling :).

  19. P.s, You should start teaching yourself bread baking if you haven't already - a superb book I highly recommend: HOW TO MAKE BREAD
    All the best!

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