Sunday, January 26, 2014

A New Website

As mentioned in my year in review post, I've been working on a personal website, a site where I can gather together all my projects, blogs, and main interests, making it easier for people to find my stuff as well as making my online presence feel more organized and cohesive.

After some difficulties with the more technical aspects (I am not exactly good at computer-related technical anything), I finally got everything sorted out, and my site went live last week! Check it out.

There are some features missing if you don't pay a monthly fee to upgrade, but Weebly still impressed me with the available free features, ease-of-use, and slick look. I actually enjoyed putting the site together for the most part, instead of struggling as would usually be the case.

This new site also gave me the opportunity to start a personal blog, as a place for all the writing I do that doesn't seem to fit on any of my other blogs, either because of its more personal nature, the subject matter, or that it's just too half-thought-out. I especially felt a need for such a blog since I'm pushing myself in this new year to write a lot more, and so far I'm written more in a month than I did in six months last year! The new blog is Sunflowers & Brambles, and some things I have been or will be writing about there is anxiety, life learning, feminism, and radical domesticity.

I'm excited about finally having my own site, and if you decide to take a look at it, feedback is much appreciated! 

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