Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The problem with "Green"

I'm not even an activist myself (yet), but I'm starting to really get annoyed at mainstream environmentalists, mainstream climate change educators, spreading awareness about this problem. And don't get me wrong, it's the single largest issue in the world, more detrimental to our species or countless other species survival than anything else. Problem is, all these mainstream environmentalists, all the governmental parties, they ALL put the onus squarely on you and me. Drive less, they say. Yes, driving less and buying fuel efficient cars lowers green house gas emissions by a minuscule amount. But you know what? The meat-agriculture industry produces more green house gas emissions than ALL transportation in the ENTIRE world. More green house gas than every single car, bus, train, boat, and airplane in the ENTIRE WORLD. Are you hearing anyone say don't eat beef anymore? Of course not! Beef, by the way, is THE food that's the hardest on the environment to produce. Another interesting fact is that if all the countless crops grown to support animals we later eat as meat were instead fed to humans, there would be no global food crisis. Every single human being in this world would have enough food to survive. And here's another thing you hear a lot from so called 'environmentalists'. Use less water. Take shorter showers. Well guess what. Corporations use 90% of the water that's used by humans. Ninety fricken' percent of ALL WATER USED BY OUR SPECIES! There is something seriously wrong with that. Why aren't these facts commonly known? Why is everyone pointing fingers at the wrong people? Well, I suppose, as usual, the powers in charge (governments and corporations) don't want that known. People WILL worry about the environment, so they need to feel that they're doing something, that they can change things. So they're carefully guided in the right direction, so they can all be good little green citizens without ever actually fixing the problem, and, more importantly to the powers that be, without ever harming their profits and production. So you know what? I guess the onus IS still on us, on the common people. But not for the reasons so many people think. If we really want to change things, stop supporting corporations. Stop buying their products. Stop giving them money to deforest our planet, stop giving them money to support death squads that make sure no one stands in the way of Shell's access to oil. Hold them accountable, or, even better, simply bring them down. Deprive them of the means to kill all life on earth. Because THAT ladies and gentleman, is the only way to truly be Green.

I'm tired, and rather pissed off at the moment, from having just watched more of this misdirection of the public, so this may be a rather unintelligeble rant... *Sighs* I hope you understand where this is coming from, anyway.


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  1. I missed a bunch of your posts. And I tooootally agree with you here. This has been bugging me too. :)