Thursday, December 4, 2008

More problems with "Green"

I was just thinking about something that I think a lot about, and that is the whole problem with environmental destruction, and green living, and environmentalism and all that. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll most likely know that I have real issues with the whole "Green" thing. And I finally thought of a good way to articulate why I do just a little while ago. My problem is that all mainstream environmental activists talk about is how to live sustainably in an industrialized, capitalist, hierarchical, patriarchal society. Basically EXACTLY how things are now. My problem with that is that I think it is absolutely impossible to live sustainably in that type of system. It just doesn't work. Our current economy is built on growth. There MUST be growth for the economy to be "doing well". But when the economy is doing well, the earth suffers. The forest suffers. The creatures who live on land and sea and everywhere else suffer. And poor people the world over suffer. Whenever the numbers in the stock exchange go up, many, many creatures both human and otherwise either lose their lives or are otherwise greatly harmed. An economy and society that values money far above life, and an economy that works on infinite growth with finite resources, do not by any means foster sustainable living. Therefor, by my logic, we cannot live sustainably in such a system. As the slogan so charmingly puts it: "Kill capitalism before it kills you!"