Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ooh, apparently it's Delurking Day!

So, Stella (who's blog is awesome by the way) has on her blog that today is delurking day. That is so awesome! So I wanted to celebrate delurking day too. :-D I also wanted to add the cool little graphics thingy that goes with it, but blogger decided to be screwy so that's not working... Annnnyway, that I have any readers at all makes me ridiculously happy, and if I have more readers then I think lurking around (it's cool, lurking is fun and I do too much of it myself :-P), if you don't mind I'd LOVE to know that you read my blog! I got a new Live Feed thing recently, and it's been awesome seeing all of the cool places people who visit my blog come from, but I keep wondering if they actually read my blog or just open it briefly, decide it sucks, then wander off... Wow, pretty pessimistic considering my last post, eh? I'm tired, and mildly hyper right now, so please forgive this post! Point is, I'd love to know if you read my blog, so please comment if you do! Thanks a bunch. :-)



  1. Your blog is awesome too! Yay for delurking day!

  2. I read your blog pretty regularly. I am an unschooling mom in Oswego, NY.

  3. I was just introduced to your blog by a friend on RadicalUnschoolingwithLOA (law of attraction) yahoo group...it's fantastic and I look forward to making my way through your posts!! You've given me inspiration to get back at blogging myself :)

    Peace & Abundance, Cid

  4. Thanks Cid! And it's really cool to know that someone posted a link to my blog on an unschooling Yahoo group as well! :-D

  5. Just found your blog via yr youtube post on unschooling. I am a 32 year old mama to an 18 month old babe... and we are unschooling already :) Your writing/voice is inspiring and encouraging. Thanks for sharing!