Friday, January 2, 2009

Vlogging when I'm waaay too tired

Sooo, I really wanted to record a video with Emi. But it's late, So I was tired and being a silly. :-P But I like it 'cause it's funny.




    I giggled really hard. Probably because it's late which makes it even more hilarious.

    OH, btw, I saw you on facebook!!! I was looking at this one group, and you are in it, and I was like, "OMG THAT'S IDZIE!" and I was soooo tempted to friend you, even though you'd have no idea who this random person friending you was, as my name isn't REALLY Stella and you have no clue what I look like, and my father would have a cow if I friended someone whom I've never met before. But it feels like I know you! Ah, we'll have to meet someday at one of these unschooling confrences. Then we can friend each other, lol.

    I hope this comment makes sense. Because like I said before, it's late.

  2. ha that made me lol several times!!!

    I'm posting this exactly an 51 minutes after Stella posted her comment! What are the odds? So ya, it's later. REALLY LATE! So late, it's early. its 2:30 A.M. Woo!!!! I'm not tired at all!!!

    Point is. i laughed at your video. uhhh....maybe i am tired. I can't think. O wait no that's normal.

    I think i'll just say bye before i keep ranting. so....ya...Bye!!!

    O wait! right i'm just a random person randomly commenting your blog. At 2:32 in the morning. Hope you appreciate that!

  3. Your laugh was cute. Seriously.
    Is your sister younger than you or older than you?
    The way I see it, it's possible either way..
    This vlog was definately laughable...
    But I tried not to laugh so loud actually, because my mum thinks that I'm editing her choral speaking script. Well, I am while watching your vlog...haha...

    ROCK ON!

  4. Yayyyy! You made me go and do a vlog myself! I watched it late last night too, but got called off the computer and couldn't comment. :) So this is likely more coherent than it would have been. :-)

    Fun vlog. Nice to 'meet' Emi!

  5. Haha, glad you enjoyed it Stella. :-)

    Aw, it does feel like I know you! Parents can be really spastic about "internet safety"... My mom used to be, but in the last few years I think our family has let go of a lot of control, and our parents pretty much trust us to make the decisions that we feel comfortable with now... I really do hope we can meet up at some conference or other! But you're on the west coast, right? It's hard when we're on opposite sides of the continent. :-( But then again, I want to do more traveling, so maybe it isn't such a faint possibility. :-)

    Lolllllz thanks ChipotleChick! :-D And I do appreciate comments, so comment away! :-P

    I'm nearly 18, and Emi is 15. Haha thanks Smorgan! :-P I'm glad I wasn't the only one to find it amusing. :-P

  6. You're 18? Really. Cos' you look younger...
    Not trying to kiss ass or anything, but I'm being serious here...
    Maybe it's the hair....

    rock on anyways...