Monday, March 2, 2009

It's official: we're going to the Northeast Unschooling conference!

We signed up officially, paid, reserved the hotel room, the whole thing! This makes me very happy. :-)

I haven't been blogging much, which makes me considerably less happy! I'm going to write a proper post very soon, but for now I want to address a few things...
  1. I've been feeling slightly overwhelmed by all the blogs I follow, so haven't been commenting on them as much lately... This does NOT mean that I haven't been reading your blog, because I most likely have. And I'm going to try and comment more again!
  2. I added a post to my secondhand blog. I've been updating that blog very infrequently, but when Summer (aka garbage hunting season) rolls around, I should be posting a lot more often!
Oh, and there's also a chance my family will be going to the Great Big Happy Life unschooling conference in New Jersey. The big draw? John Taylor Gatto, a brilliant man and a legendary one in the unschooling and free-schooling world, is going to be speaking there!! That's enough to make me want to go all on it's own, plus the rest of the conference looks like fun. :-)

Like I said, I've got ideas floating around in my head, and I'm going to write a proper post soon!



  1. Oh hear Gatto speak would be incredible beyond belief!!! Exciting. :-)


    PS. Posting from my Mum's computer, so not on my Blogger account.

  2. This conference sounds awesome!

  3. And if you make it to NJ, then on your way home you can drive across to Pittsburgh and see us...then head back North to home!! It's true, you can do it. We've got two spare futons and a spare king-sized bed AND/or a backyard big enough for a tent!

  4. Thanks so much Michele! :-D That would be totally awesome, and if we were going I'd take you up on the offer, but we're not going finally... :-( There's virtually no teens going, and besides that, we just don't have the money...