Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photo tag

Go to your photo's folder on your computer. Go to the sixth folder of photo's. Go to the sixth picture in that folder. Put that picture on your blog, with a description of it. I don't really feel like tagging people, so just do it if you feel like it! Thanks to Smorgan for tagging me!

An insanely awesome bug I spotted on the side of our house a couple years ago...



  1. wow! Cool bug. Is 6 like a lucky number or something. Cos' everyone I've tagged or were tagged by other people with this always come up with a great picture...

  2. That is a really cool bug!! :)

  3. I posted my 6th folder, 6th picture just for you! It was funny opening the folder and seeing what was there, I was a little nervous about what picture I might come upon! This was a fun thing to do, thanks!

  4. Just been having a read of your blog. Lots of interesting stuff! Good to hear an unschoolers perspective on unschooling. Thanks for finding me. :-)

  5. Hi Idzie,

    I came upon your blog yesterday and find it very interesting. Especially the anti-civ, and unschooling perspectives. I read your 'Anti-civilization and what that means' (and left a comment there) and also read a few others of your posts.

    I thought I'd let you know of an association for home-based education that exists in this province. It's called, in english, 'Quebec Association for Home-Based Education' QAHBE. For the french speaking, it's, 'Association Québécoise pour l'Éducation à Domicile' AQED.

    Their website:

    I don't really know them. I just thought I'd let you know in case you didn't already.


  6. Everyone: Thanks, as always, for your comments! :-)

    Misko: Thanks for checking out my blog! :-D I know of QAHBE, but have no interest in them. They're VERY school-at-home style, so as an unschooling family, we never found them very helpful. Thanks for the link, anyway! :-)