Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random book quotes tag

Now, I just feel like doing another tag (although I'm not going to tag specific people, same as last time) anyone who's interested is welcome to participate! I've always loved the open the nearest book to page 56 tag, except that seems a bit too limiting to me right now. So, instead, the tag is to open the book nearest you, flip it open t a random page, and pick a paragraph/sentence/quote from that two page spread. It has to be from the first page you flip it open to. No cheating! ;-) I'm actually going to pick several books that are near to me, simply because I can't decide which one is closest. Also because it's fun.

I was more or less constantly struck by the hunger so many--though of course not all--students have for depth, substance, meaning. They often asked real questions, and often gave real answers. -Walking on Water by Derrick Jensen

Serious depression--the kind that lingers for days and prevents you from functioning--requires professional help. But here are a number of suggestions for pulling out of a common case of the blues. -Home Remedies: What Works by Gale Malesky and Brian Kaufman

All but blind
In the evening sky
The hooded Bat
Swirls softly by.
-Poem by Walter De La Mare, from the anthology Piping Down the Valleys Wild

And just so you know, I really do want to get back to my regular, more serious, blogging. I'm just still feeling idea deprived. Perhaps as Spring rolls in, inspiration will come more easily once again.


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