Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dreams of long Summer nights, new places, interesting people...

A while ago Ty brought up the possibility of going on a road trip this Summer, and initially I dismissed the idea. It would need money I didn't have, and a month long road trip is a pretty big thing! But lately, when the idea was brought up again, I actually thought about it, and realized that all I usually do is dream about things but never put them into action. I really want to travel. This is an opportunity to do just that. Why on earth should I pass that opportunity up? So I've decided that I really do want to make this work. We'll try and get together four to six of us, including me and Ty, find a vehicle we can borrow, and take off wherever the mood takes us. Now I finally have a compelling reason to get a job! Which means I'm going to go to the job finding place tomorrow or the next day, and start asking around... I've got tons of ideas bouncing around in my head right now for how to make things work... Thinking of where/with whom we could stay, where we could go, what we could see, and how much money I need to make. As you can quite probably tell, I'm excited about this. I like having goals to work towards. They make working at all tolerable! :-P



  1. Yes! Go for it! Sounds like a really fun thing to do with your friends.

  2. Sounds great!!

    Some of the best times I've had so far have been on the road.

  3. Definately go for it. You'll have so much fun!And working isn't THAT bad. :-P Where are you thinking of going?

  4. I enjoyed reading it :--D


  5. Oh yes! Very exciting! And I hope you can visit meeee! :-D

  6. Sounds like fun, roadtrips are the best!

  7. Traveling is the best way to gain perspective on about everything - culture, politics, you name, plus it will be the funnest time of your life! I so miss my world traveling, carefree, backpacking days!

    And if you're in northern Ohio, you and your friends can crash at our house. The Sandusky -Port Clinton area of Ohio is the most traveled to area of all of Ohio in the summer.


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