Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday time!

In the last month, I've celebrated two Birthday's of those who are close to me. On the 7th of June, my wonderful mommy turned 51! We celebrated with yummy cake. :-)

Then, just a few days ago on the 21, we celebrated one of my best friends, Nick's, Birthday! He turned 17. :-)

Who the hell decided it was a good idea to give Nick a knife?!?

Cutting the very yummy cake, courtesy of Jodie. :-)


Happy Trev

Happy Nick doing something strange. What's new, really?

Dawwwwww, she looks so cute!


Happy people celebrating...

...Did I mention these people are special? I love them so much. :-)

For both my mom's and Nick's Birthday gifts I gave them a Tarot deck and book. My mom got the Sacred Circle set, and Nick got the Celtic Tarot set. Both of them were very pleased with their gifts! My mom had wanted tarot cards specifically for meditation, and she's been happily meditating, and for Nick they were a complete surprise, but he was carrying them around with him for a couple of days, and he's already started the book that came with them. :-) It always feels good when gifts are well appreciated! And speaking of Tarot, this leads me to the topic of my own feelings on Tarot, card reading, and similar things. I want to write a post about that soon. I have an ever growing list of things I want to write a post about, actually. :-P They currently include:
  • Tarot cards, reading
  • My personal spirituality, Animism, Paganism, rituals in daily life
  • Herblore, my favorite home remedies, edible and medicinal plants that grow around my house
  • Recipes
  • Sexual identity, GLBTQ issues
  • Feminism, gender roles
  • How an unschooling family deals with sex and drugs, my personal feelings on those subjects
Annnd that's only what I can think of off of the top of my head! I really do want to get to those subjects soon, and I really hope that I actually do... :-S



  1. Happy birthday to your mum and Nick!!!
    it looked like you guys had a stunning time and the cake looks so yummy! =]
    very interesting gifts... =] and yes, it does feel really good when your gifts are being appreciated and used =)
    I'm already looking forward to your post!


  2. Happy birthday to your mom and Nick!!! Haha, boys and their knives....not always a good combo! But the cake looks AMAZING, I'm having intense cravings now. Can't wait for your future posts, they all sound very interesting and thought provoking. Are you feeling a little less depressed now? Hope so.

  3. Happy birthday to your awesome tribe.

    xox, ps

  4. Looks like fun! And I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say about those topics. Very, very interested. I'm actually very excited!