Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cottage photos

Before it gets to be a ridiculously long time since our vacation, I wanted to share some photos from our week away (the first week in August). I took several hundred photos on our last full day there, and all the photos shown below are from that one day! I may share some pics from the rest of the week at a later date, or I may not... I'll see how things go! I don't have the energy right now to add captions, so I'm not going to.



  1. Oh I love those photos! The one of Nick [I think?] hugging the younger boy by the tree is so sweet...aww..and the shadows one is cool too...
    very nice :)

  2. @Bethany: Thanks! :-) lol that is Nick, but what's actually happening is that Greg (the little guy) is trying to knock Nick into the lake... :-P I love how it ends up looking like they're hugging though, and it was pretty cute!

    @junespider: Thanks! :-)

  3. stunning pictures! it looks like you had an amazing time there =) your a great photographer!


  4. Hmmmm, I swear I had commented on this, but it appears that I didn't -_-

    UM, ANYWAY.....!

    You're really getting good at photography!! I love the one of the swing in action, with the beautiful sky in the backround :)