Thursday, August 20, 2009

A (very) little bit about animism

I haven't really talked about my spiritual beliefs in this blog before, although I've certainly mentioned (and state at the top of my blog) that I'm an animist. So, when I stumbled upon this post on the blog The Center For Bioregional Animism, I wanted to share this definition of animism, which I find to be very accurate.

"The most common definition of animism is the belief of spirits inhabiting animals, plants, and inanimate objects. However, this is an over simplification based upon western-colonial concepts. Animism is being re-evaluated by many in the fields of comparative religion and anthropology. A new understanding is surfacing. In the writings of Graham Harvey, he explains that animism is not the projection of human qualities upon objects. He argues that these old ideas are outdated. On the contrary, animism is an absence of the idea that humans are superior and/or separate from the living world. Animism relates to the world as a community of people, only some of whom are human. By relinquishing our dominion over the rights and consideration of person-hood, the world is no longer a collection of resources for consumption, but is seen as a delicate web of relationships."



  1. *adopts on the spot*

    Exactly the way I feel.

  2. I really like that, thanks for sharing!

  3. Have you read 'Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World' ? I highly recommend it.

  4. Many indigenous people have beliefs that can be described as animist in nature. What I like about the site is that they aim to get a variety of people writing, so its provides a good variety of experiences. My brother and two of best friends write for this site, I think its has potential to be a valuable resource.
    Its great to see an unschooler exploring animism :)