Monday, October 19, 2009

Making a Zine, and looking for submissions!!

Guess what? I’m putting together a zine!! Zines are just so cool, I decided that I’d love to put one together myself, with the help of all of you, of course! The theme of the zine is:

DIY Life: Doing things independently of experts, professionals, institutions, corporations, or similar things.

I’m looking for submissions of articles, opinions, artwork, poetry, quotes, and anything else you want to send me. I finally decided on this theme because I feel it gives a ton of freedom in what you submit (anything from physical DIY projects, to articles on radical political philosophy, to education, parenting, crafting, and beyond!) while still retaining a more radical feeling and outlook, which makes me, personally, happy! As a note, your submission can also be ANTI or AGAINST something you see as being opposed to a DIY lifestyle (i.e schools).

The theme is pretty flexible, but I do reserve the right to not accept submissions that really do not fit with the theme (i.e. why public schooling is absolutely necessary), though I don’t really expect to turn down anything, and am really looking forward to seeing what you guys have to share!!

Once I’ve received enough submissions, and with enough prior warning to everyone who’s interested in submitting, of course, I will then put everything together in a proper zine, which I will then send by email (most likely in PDF format) to anyone who wants it (if someone can point me towards a good, safe, file hosting website, then I may also have it there for easy downloading), or if someone wants a hard copy, you can send me a few dollars to cover printing and shipping and I can send it straight to you (sorry guys, but I’m broke, so that’s the only way I can do it!). I will also distribute some hard copies locally, and I’d love it if you guys also chose to do so, but really, share it as much or as little as you want to, and in whatever ways you want to!

If you have something already written that you’d like to submit, send it straight to me. If you simply know that you want to submit something, but don’t have it done yet and/or haven’t decided what you’re going to do, please send me an email letting me know that, so that I know you will be submitting something at some point!  Oh, and I will happily help with editing if you want me to, just ask. Otherwise, I will fix spelling mistakes and obvious grammatical mistakes (the same word repeated twice, for instance), but will touch nothing else without your permission. Send all submissions to:

IMPORTANT: If you want people to be able to find more of your work if they’re interested, let me know when you send in your submission if you have a website, blog, Twitter account, or any site that you want to be included in the zine (example: Urban Foraging by Cindy Jones (

Suggestions, just that I can think of off the top of my head, and please know that you’re entirely not limited just to the items in this list:

Articles on:
• Education (unschooling, homeschooling, skill sharing, community classes, educational co-ops)
• Parenting (attachment/natural parenting, radical unschooling, non-conditional parenting)
• Personal health care (herbal medicine, wild medicinals, nutrition, first aid)
• Sustainable living (gardening, food preservation, foraging, non-toxic and homemade household products, re-purposing projects, cooking and recipes)
• Community building/living/good for community/people stuff (community organizing, collectives, cooperatives, non-violent communication, peer counseling, autonomous living, intentional communities, any by the people for the people type stuff)
• Independent travel
• DIY projects or crafting projects of any sort (building a kiln, soap making, jewelry making, bow and arrow making, whatever you enjoy doing!)

Art such as:
• Any artwork, in B&W (photos aren’t great though, since they don’t photocopy well)
• Any poetry
• Any copyleft (not copyrighted), or licensed under creative commons, artwork other than your own that you think would fit with the zine

NOTE: Because of its nature, your own artwork and poetry does not need to conform to the theme, though it certainly can.

Miscellaneous stuff such as:
• Quotes, verses, or similar things, yours or copyleft stuff
• Anything else you can think of!!!!!

NOTE: by submitting anything, you agree that it is “copyleft” (not copyrighted), and can be copied and distributed by anyone. That’s just the way zines work: people often appropriate content in them for other uses (usually with proper attribution, although there are no guarantees).

For this to work, of course, I need submissions (sent to!)!! I’m really hoping I’ll get enough, really looking forward to seeing everything I do get, and just generally really excited about this project. :-D Also, if you have any questions or suggestions, please drop me a line as well! (Same address as above:

Oh, and please feel free to pass this on to anyone whom you think may be interested!



  1. This looks great, I'll definitely have a think about whether there's anything I can write for it :)

  2. Sounds like fun!
    I might submit something, give me a few days to think.

  3. Well Idzie - you know I have tons of poetry that I could contribute to your zine! :)

  4. @incurablehippie: Thanks! :-)

    @Abeje: Cool! No prob, the deadline is the first week of December (I forgot to put that in the main post, though I will now), so you have time, though if you do decide to contribute something, please drop me a line to let me know it's coming! :-)

    @Anishinaabekwe: Yes! I'd love to include some of your poetry! :-)

  5. Wow Idzie, that sounds awesome!! I'm not sure if I really have much to contribute, but I'll think about it furthur, since I love the idea! Keep us posted on how it's going, I'd love to see the end result!

  6. This is just perfect! I have something for your zine, but it's in video format... can you accept any type of video?
    I actually have the video posted on my blog... maybe you can have a look at it and tell me if that's what you're looking for?

    thank you!


  7. @Stella: Well, the deadline is the first week of December, so if you think of anything before then, I'd love to include it! :-D I definitely will keep you posted, and MOST definitely share it when it's done! :-)

    @Rochelle Blue: It's going to be printed, and in PDF format, so I'm afraid not. :-( Any written words or B&W art stuff works. Anything else doesn't!

  8. Sweet I will email you a few pieces soon! :-D

  9. I have ideas but don't know what to input. There are also some nice posts in my blog, but too informal for a magazine. That can be fixed. ;)

  10. @Anishinaabekwe: Looking forward to seeing them! :-D

    @Netzi: Awesome! :-D A zine isn't really very formal, so don't worry about that. :-P

  11. i'm considering writing a practical piece on non-hierarchical DIY education and autodidacticism. i'd perhaps like to write about DIY mental wellness instead if you think you'll get a lot of entries on unschooling though, just to make the zine diverse. which would you prefer?


  12. @Lilith: Awesome, I love what little I read from you in the Bloodlust zine (I'm assuming you're that Lilith!), and I'm excited you're interested in contributing to this zine! A LOT of unschoolers have said they plan on contributing something, but so far the few things I've actually received have been from my anti-civ friends, so I have no clue how many pieces that are actually about unschooling I'll receive. Besides, I'm sure your perspective will be different anyway, so whichever you'd prefer to write about! Both sound very interesting to me...

  13. Hey, Idzie. Sure, I'd love for you to use my Zentangle in your zine. That's perfect actually because I am teaching myself to do art. I'm sorry I haven't gotten anything written. I'm feeling blocked in the writing department lately, especially when it comes to the subjects of unschooling and do-it-yourself!

  14. Hey Idzie! I wrote something on safe research for your zine and sent it through some temporary email service, so I'm not sure whether or not you got it or want me to send it again. It ended up being kind of longer than I expected and might not completely fit the topic of DIY-living, so I totally understand if you don't use it.

    Also, If you want to make it easy for people to download the final product you could upload it to!

  15. @Cheryl: Thanks, awesome! :-) No problem about not writing anything this time. The zentangle is great, and there's always next issue!

    @Artemis: (I tried to send this to your temp address you used to send in your submission, but it bounced) Wow, great topic!! Thanks for writing this. :-) I'd love to have this in the zine, the only problem is that it's too long to put *all* of it in this issue... It could easily be broken up into parts though! Would you like to do that, so that it's separated where you think it would work best (3 or 4 parts would be best)? I could do so if you'd prefer, instead! If this zine goes well, I'd like to make it a biannual thing, so that would just mean I'd have something put aside for the next couple of issues, which would be great! :-)

  16. Hey Idzie, I think it's great that you're considering putting out this zine biannually! And yes, I would be fine with breaking the topic up into different parts. That would probably work better anyway, all of that information at once may be a little overwhelming. I think I may want to edit the introduction part a bit, if that would be alright. I kind of rushed through writing it and I'm not completely happy with it yet.

    For this issue of the zine I think probably the introduction and part on proxies would be best to include, along with the recommended reading list. What do you think?

  17. I'm working on editing and choosing what parts to include right now, so I'll probably be able to send it to you either tonight or tomorrow. :-)

  18. Alright, I sent you the new and improved, so much shorter version! Hopefully you got it. Good temp addresses can be so hard to find sometimes :P.

  19. @Artemis: Awesome!! I think that's the perfect place to separate it, actually. One prob though: the email didn't come through. :-(

  20. Hey, I resent it through a much more dependable email service a few days ago. Just wondering if you've gotten it yet.

  21. Nevermind! got your reply =]