Friday, October 2, 2009

Political dump (aka interesting stuff to my green anarchist self)

Attractive title, right?

Anyway, I realized that I've only really talked about unschooling for a while now, and been really quiet (for me, anyway) about my political (or lack thereof) views. However, that doesn't mean that I haven't been watching, reading, talking, and thinking about said lack of politics views. So, I decided to share a bunch of stuff that's been interesting to me lately. I hope this is of interest to at least a few of my readers!

Firstly, I absolutely LOVE They have a show called It's The End of the World As We Know It every week or couple of weeks, usually around 15 minutes, that just does a wonderful job of putting current events, news, and information on green anarchist (anarchist in general, but with a very definite green lean) stuff in an amusing, engaging, and informative way. You should definitely check it out:

The newest episode:

Next, I also enjoy watching videos by these two guys on YouTube, AdamHintz and MeursaultBateman. They both talk about issues of green anarchy, sustainability, and similar things.

Something I'm very against is the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia (if you look at the sidebar of my blog, you may have noticed that I have a badge against the Olympics). Lots of people react with surprise when I say that. "What's wrong with the Olympics?", they ask. Well, here's what's wrong with the Olympics: Why We Resist 2010 (taken from the website

I've also been looking into the G20 summit protests since I got home from camp, and there seems to have been the seemingly fairly normal amount of police brutality. Here are a couple of videos showing what I mean:

Police State Uses Violence Against Protesters - Intro by Howard Zinn

Police Attack Students at University of Pittsburgh

Also, I may have mentioned a while back that I really wanted to go to the Rethinking Education conference, especially so I could hear Daniel Quinn speak. Well, I didn't end up making it, but his speech was posted online! Thanks to both Eli and Josh for sending the link to me! :-) Check out part one here.

Oh, and here's Derrick Jensen's newest article from Orion magazine: Side with the Living

FINALLY, for a long time, I didn't like rap or hip-hop music. However, relatively recently I've discovered that there's some really good stuff out there! The main thing I never liked was the lyrics. The whole gansta hip-hop thing, with ho's and money and guns, never appealed to me. Radical political hip-hop, on the other hand, is totally different! So here are a couple of my favorites...

Light It Up 2.0, produced by Ratatat, and as far as I can tell, lyrics and (obviously) sung by zzz33333

You're a Fucking Terrorist by Resident Anti-Hero (you can listen to, and download, all of their music for free at their site)

Annnd that's all for now! Hope I didn't make this too long!



  1. I have an anarchy question for you.
    If a country is running without a government... what would you do if a person repetetively violated another person's rights (Let's say, in the case of a child molester)? Would there be a prison to send the to? Would there be anything protecting the people around that person from their criminal behavior?
    This is not a case against anarchy. It's an honest question from someone who knows virtually nothing about anarchy. I would really love to hear your input.

  2. I also avoid HipHop music - well, I'm almost 50, which is something of an excuse.
    But I play Resident AntiHero on my Pod all day while I'm coding. I love it.
    Terri in Joburg

  3. Hip-hop, w00t!

    Another couple you might like are Dead Prez:



    and Beltaine's Fire/Emcee Lynx:

    Live on pirate radio

    And I know it's incredibly mainstream, but I still think it's cool that Jay-Z used a lot of revolutionary-type imagery in the 'Run This Town' video. When you consider the size of his fan base, and the potential inspiring power of seeing someone throw a molotov cocktail on the big screen (especially if you're already poor and pissed off!), I think it's brilliant personally.

    And I can't plug hip-hop without mentioning the massive amount of amazing Swedish music I've found recently. Zacke is my favorite:

    Oppet Idag


    I still can't believe that clip where the guy gets kidnapped by the military in broad daylight, that's insane!!

  4. The police are rather out of control where I live (Maybe because this city is full of hippie-protesters who form meaningful protests???). There have been some insane tasering incidents where no one was out of line, and they still ended up being tasered multiple times. It makes me so mad!

    As for hip-hop/rap music, have you heard of the flobots? I LOVE their music!

  5. I know how you feel about mainstream rap. At least there are some with cultural and political themes. They help me realize how music has a voice, regardless of genre

    It's The End of the World As We Know It- I saw a few minutes of the one you posted a while ago. What a lot of insight! It gave me more reasons to dislike Obama and current politics.