Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bits and pieces

The poll just closed! The results are below:

What subjects are you most interested in me writing about?

25 (32%)
My daily life/what I'm up to
9 (11%)
Green Anarchy/Anti-Civilizationism
11 (14%)
All of the above
31 (40%)

Total votes: 76

Also, I know that a couple of people asked me to keep them posted on how the zine was going, so I'll give a litle update on that! About 30 people have said they will, or probably will, contribute to the zine, which is really exciting! I've actually received 5 different things from 3 different people, and am hoping to get more stuff soon... ;-) So that's going well.

In other random news, we, we being my mom, sis, and a friend, went to the Anti-Colonial Thanksgiving dinner a few nights ago, where we ate delicious vegan food made by a local collective, watched a very interesting, moving, and thought-provoking documentary film called Club Native, listened to a couple of interesting speakers (notably a woman from BC who had some very interesting things to say about the Olympics, organizing against the Olympics, and similar things), and just left with lots to think about. And talk about! From the moment we left, we were having fascinating conversations on Indigenous rights, colonialism, sexism, minority groups, counter cultures... I love the wonderful conversations mum, Emi, and I have! Emi also commented how very much she likes being around the more radical type counter cultures, including both unschoolers and anarchists (the type of people to attend an anti-colonial dinner are not exactly State loving types)... I agree that it just tends to be so much more of an open and friendly environment!

Oh, and as a funny side note, I commented that I was mildly surprised at how many people there were who were dressed "normally", and Emi looked at me as if I was crazy. "Idzie", she said, "you've forgotten what normal is. You think if someone doesn't have huge holes in their pants and political buttons attached to their blue hair, they're normal. And they're not." Well, excuse me. :-P Apparently most of the people at the dinner were dressed in "that flaky hippie style, wearing clothes from thrift stores that were 'normal' years ago, then adding a knit hat"... According to Em, that's a style that many unschoolers also favour. I love my sister. :-P And while we're talking about Emi-isms, she recently described anarchists as a whole as being "hippies without all the flowers", which sounds pretty accurate to me, actually. She says all of this with an air of slightly exasperated affection, which is not in the least insulting, and considers herself an anarchist (though she's not as loud about it as me), though she does not consider herself a hippie (she really isn't at all), just in case you were wondering. Yeah. I really love my sister.

And that little bit of rambling is all there is for now, folks.


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  1. My dad has always wanted our family to celebrate Columbus Day because we are in part Italian-Amercian, and Columbus was Italian, but that's not really the point. Sure, it's great if you discover a contitent you previously didn't know existed, but the conquest of entire lands and people for God, Gold and Glory is inappropraite grounds for a holiday. The idea of an anti-colonial Thanksgiving is really interesting.

    By the way, as a college student in a small town with an often-frequented Salvation Army I know exactly what you mean by the "flaky hippie style" of "wearing clothes from the thrift store" with the addition of a "knit hat"! ^_^ I have to say I find a certain romanticism in that look!