Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lovely music

I very recently discovered for myself a band called Chumbawamba.  I thought I'd share one of the songs from their newest album, The Boy Bands Have Won.  I present to you the lovely song Words Can Save Us.

I find it quite annoying how much talk and arguments there are to do with music.  What's "good" music, what's "bad" music, who's "sold out", who's *really* political and who's just doing it for the attention...  I love listening to music with a strong political message, especially if that political message is anti-civ or at the very least anarchist.  However, I listen to music that I like listening to.  I'm far more concerned with how a song makes me feel than if the band has sold out or not!  So that's my mini rant on that.  And just so you know, the members of Chumbawamba are anarchists... ;-)



  1. NICE. Love the song! I find it so disgruntling how music taste seems to go along with popularity.... All the cool kids listen to this song, so you have to too. Bleh.

  2. Ooh, Chumba are my absolute favorite non-heavy band; an old ziner friend of mine turned me onto them, in about '95. It was weird seeing them go from obscurity to popularity back to obscurity again, yet they made amazing music every step of the way. A couple Youtube users have their early and hard-to-find albums on their channel. If you want copies of them in mp3 format let me know and I'll up them for you! =)

  3. Nice song... I've never heard anything like it before (and I listen to all sorts of music!) and the message behind the song is great!
    and I agree, you should listen to the music that makes you happy, doesn't matter if it's popular or not.

  4. 1) This song is beautiful! I love the sound of it, which goes along with my [usually instrumental, but with many exceptions] current mood of serenity and calm.

    2) Have you heard anything by Herb Moore? They don't seem to be very famous, but they are on iTunes at least. I am currently in love with "Of Sophia's Song" - so thoughtful-sounding, if that makes sense....

    3) My sisters often ridicule my tastes in music because it isn't what they and "everyone else" who is "normal" listen to. (Like I care!)

    4) I think this comment might be my first, but I will say that I have been reading your blog for a number of months now, if not a year. Great stuff! I wish I were unschooled, but my parents insist on being "traditional" and so forth. Anyway, I love this site.

    5) Yes, I do often tend to be a windbag commenter, just as a warning. :-) Have a lovely day!!