Saturday, November 21, 2009

Winston Duffy

I've realized that I've hardly even mentioned one of my most...outgoing, shall we say, family members on this blog!  So I'm going to give a mini introduction now.

Right now, we share our house with three furry family members: two cats and a dog.  The dog is who I'm going to be talking about.

His name is Winston (his nicknames are many and varied, including Windy, Winduffy, Winduffers, Winston Duffy, Boo Boo, Dumbass and Butt Head) and he's an 80 pound Airedale Terrier, the largest member of the terrier family.  He became a member of our family when he was 18 months old, since his first family felt that they couldn't give him the love and attention he deserved, what with busy work schedules and grown children who no longer spent much time at home.  They were very sad to see him go, but I'm so happy that they gave him to us!  He's now 7 years old, I believe, and has gotten a bit more mellow with the years, but he's still not exactly a quiet dog!  He's goofy, too smart for his own good, sweet natured, and energetic.  He loves to play, greets me every morning with great joy when I wake up, and though he's sometimes ridiculously frustrating and has a habit of bashing into everyones knees with his very hard head, he can also always make me laugh with his antics, and will apologize with soulful eyes and kisses when he accidentally hurts someone.  How can you not love a dog like that?

I pulled out the camera today when Winston was "helping" my dad to bring in wood (Winston loves to help with a variety of household chores...  His "helping" usually involves placing himself in the middle of whatever happens to be going on, sticking his nose into anything that looks interesting, and looming over your shoulder with a look of bright eyed curiousity if whatever you're doing happens to be on floor level), and though some of them are a bit blurry, I figured I'd share a couple here!

A happy dog. :-)



  1. Awwww! Winston looks very huggable and cute :) Airedale terriers are ridiculously adoreable.

  2. wow, another dog who shares my name, funny, I've heard of/met lots of dogs, but aside from my dad, not one other HUMAN Winston....

  3. He totally looks like a Winston.