Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zine reminder

So, it's been a month since I first put out the call for zine submissions, and I have half a dozen pieces that people have sent in.  However, I was silly and never really mentioned a proper deadline.  SO, I'd really like to have everything in by December 1st, so I can start putting it together then and have it completely finished before Christmas (when I won't have time to do much of anything)!  I know how easy it is to get sidetracked and forget about stuff like this (I know I have done so more times than I would like to admit...), so I figured I'd send out a friendly poke to everyone who said that they may want to contribute something to the zine... *Grins* If you do want to send something in, but aren't able to by December 1st, that's still totally fine.  Just drop me an email at to let me know when you're able to send it in by!

Thank you so much to everyone who has expressed interest in this project, whether or not you're able to submit something!  Just having this much interest has made a big difference to me. :-)



  1. Okay, I am sending you something right now Idzie! :o)

  2. Did a search, looks great! This for & by unschooled teens/kids, or anyone allowed to submit? Not sure how much you want, or how long a run you plan for your zine (one-time, yearly, quarterly, etc) but I know a group with several unschoolers, whose kids could article if you need more to full your zine out.

  3. sounds like the zine is coming along great... I don't think I will be able to contribute this time, but if you have it again next year, I will prepare something earlier to send in =)


  4. @Anishinaabekwe: Awesome! :-)

    @Whimspiration: So you saw the submission page for this zine? No, not just for teens, and not just for unschoolers! This is open to everyone who's interested in submitting something, and so far I have stuff from teens, young adults, older adults, unschoolers, anarchists, and regular schoolers... :-) Thanks for the offer! I *think* it's going to end up being a biannual thing, but I'll see... Anyway, definitely feel free to pass this along to anyone you know who's interested! I'd be equally interested in what those unschooling kids AND unschooling parents have to say... ;-)

    @Rochelle Blue: Ah well, hopefully next time (depending on how this one goes, I may try and put another issue together this Spring...)! Too busy with NaNoWriMo, eh? ;-) I hope your writing is going well! :-)

  5. Wonderful! I'll get the word out. Thanks!