Sunday, December 6, 2009

Swirling ideas and a new poll

In case you didn't notice, I just put up a new poll, asking What Are You Celebrating This Holiday Season?  Go on and vote!  And by the way, I *thought* I'd put a "nothing" option (I know I was planning to when I posted the poll...), but I forgot...  Just so you know, I *do* realize that some people don't celebrate anything at this time of year, it was just an oversight on my part, and now that people have voted, it won't let me change the poll...

In other news, I have tons of post ideas swirling around in my head, and if they continue to swirl around in there they will soon actually make it into blog posts!  Some of the things I'm planning on writing about are:

  • A bio post for each of my family members, because they're incredibly important to me and important in my day to day life, but I realize that I've very rarely talked about each of them as individuals!  That means a post for my mom, my dad, my sister Emi, the cat Henry, and the cat Minni...
  • As you may have noticed, I've also put a tidy "about me" link at the top right of my blog.  Following that, I want to have a link to a post talking about each of the labels I use most often, and that are listed in my blog description: unschooling, vegetarianism, animism, green anarchy, and being a hippie. ;-)
  • A post talking more about my personal spirituality, creating your own spiritual experiences, rituals, and ceremonies, and similar stuff like that...
  • Language usage, grammar, spelling, etc., how people look at people who use *good* versus *bad* grammar, how important (or not) I think all that is...
  • Swearing, *bad* language, my feelings on all that.
And I know that I'm forgetting at least a couple of the things I've been thinking about!  I'm rather tired and feeling a bit under the weather, so please excuse me for general poor communication. :-S Anyway, hopefully most of this will actually makes its way onto this blog soon. :-P


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