Friday, February 19, 2010

Emi's new blog, and changes to this blog!

You remember Emi, right?  I've even shared some of her writing on here!  And I've long lamented the fact she doesn't keep her own blog.  Well, now she does!!  It's called...  *Drumroll*

The Creations Of A Scribbling Face

And this is what the description on that blog says:

Hello and welcome to my writing blog, or, as it's officially known, The Creations of a Scribbling Face! I am said scribbling face, and I'll be using this blog as place to post some of my poetry and prose, as well as my ideas, inspirations, epiphanies, dilemmas, and general musings on creative writing.
I love receiving feedback, whether it be encouraging praise or bluntly honest critique, so if you have something to say please go ahead and say it! I really appreciate every comment. (Don't worry, I appreciate every silent visitor too ^_^).
And now, on to the scribbles! :) 

I HIGHLY recommend you check it out!!  It's just started, so there isn't much to read yet, but just follow along, and I'm sure it'll soon be a wonderful place to hang out...

In other exciting news (to me, anyway, since I'm such a blogging nerd) Blogger has FINALLY added the option to add "Pages" to a blog!!  Woo hoo!  I've been waiting for this for a very long time.  You'll now notice that at the top of my blog, there are multiple pages.  More will be added soon, as well, and in the coming days, all the varied and very messy, hard to find, info located on the sidebar of this blog will be slowing disappearing, and moving into the far more organized and pretty pages at the top of this blog!

The Links and Resources page is proving to be quite a project, and I'd LOVE some help with it.  Please feel free to share your favorite websites, posts, and articles on unschooling with me, so I can add them to the page.  I'm hoping to put together quite a collection of helpfull stuff!



  1. Yay for Emi! And yay to Blogger for finally adding the Page tool.

  2. Woohoo! I am excited about the PAGES option on blogger now! Thanks for sharing!


  3. The pages are cool! I can put all my unschooling info. on my art blog now. Love it.

  4. Question: How do you create a separate page for instance - "links of interest?" I see how to add the pages feature but am confused on how to make the page itself!?

    Would greatly appreciate yer help! :)

  5. @Anishinaabekwe: In the "posting" tab go to "edit pages", then hit "new page" and create it the same way you would a normal post. If you want to fiddle with page order (if you have multiple pages), you can do so by going to the "layout" window and hitting "edit" on the pages box.

    Hope that was what you meant, and have no troubles with it now! :-)

  6. Idzie - Cool! I got it! Thanks a ton! :)