Friday, November 26, 2010

DIY Life Zine: Looking for Submissions for Issue #2!

Remember the DIY Life Zine?  The first issue--with a selection of wonderful articles, poems, and artwork from some really great people--was published around this time last year (in December, I believe), and can be read here if you'd like to check it out.

And, a year later, I'm looking to put together a second issue!  I have a few submissions I've received over the last year, but not enough for a whole 'nother issue.  Which is where you (and your friends, if you want to pass the word along to someone you think might be interested) come in!

What is DIY Life Zine?

It's a zine about doing things independently of experts, professionals, institutions, corporations, and similar things.  A zine about taking our lives, and our communities, into our own hands.

Who can submit pieces to be considered (and most likely accepted) for the zine?

YOU (and you, and you).  Regardless of age, political view, whether you know me or just heard about this zine from a friend or another site, or anything else.  The only requirement is that it fits with the theme (the theme is DIY Life, as described above in What is DIY Life Zine).

What am I looking for?

Submissions of articles, opinions, artwork, poetry, and anything else you want to send me. I chose this theme because I feel it gives a ton of freedom in what you submit (anything from physical DIY projects, to articles on radical political philosophy, to education, lifestyle, and beyond!) while still retaining a more radical feeling and outlook.   As a side-note, your submission can also be ANTI or AGAINST something you see as being opposed to a DIY lifestyle (i.e schools, capitalism, whatever).  Note that I'm also looking for cover art specifically!  To find out some more nitty gritty details like word count, go here, and to get some ideas of topics you could cover, go here.

What type of circulation does DIY Life Zine have?

It's available online, and that's mostly how it circulates (the first issue has been downloaded more than 2500 times), but I also encourage anyone who wants to to print out/make copies and distribute them wherever/to whoever they wish.

Deadline for submissions is the end of December, so make sure you send stuff in before them!

To find out more about the zine, you can go to the DIY Life Zine website, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask either in the comments here or by sending me an email at

I was really excited with the terrific content featured in the first issue, and I'm excited to see what all of you have to share in the next issue!