Monday, November 29, 2010

Input on Unschooling Interviews: What Questions Do You Want Answered?

There are two interviews coming up soon on this blog:
  1. A text interview with a grown unschooler, Tim, who unschooled in the 70's (and even knew John Holt).
  2. A video interview with my mother, Debbie, so you can hear the story of our unschooling journey from her perspective.
Why am I telling you this?

Well, since these interviews are for you guys, I wanted to compile my list of interview questions with your input!  What do you want to ask these two people?  What are the burning questions in your mind?  Please make sure to specify in the comments if the question(s) you'd like to ask are aimed at Tim or Debbie!


  1. Arg, this is a hard question!

    I still find myself wanting snap shots of a typical day. Or the summarizing of what was self-learned in a particular year. Like, say, the year you were 10.

    Or to ask how much learning, if any, was subtly prodded by mom. (Even if the child didn't, or doesn't still, realize it)

    And math! Oh, math! How was it approached in elementary school? And then Middle, and then high? Did you teach yourself the multiplication facts?

    Lol! There's just too many questions.

  2. Did you ever worry about keeping up with your peers?

    Could you really choose to do what you wanted?

    What did you do for Math?

  3. If everyone could please remember to state whether the questions you're asking are directed at TIM or at DEBBIE, that would make it much easier for me! Thanks! :-)

  4. Tim-
    What did you do after "unschooling"? College? On the job training? Tech School? How do you support yourself financially, what is your occupation? How did you transition from complete freedom in learning and schedules, to what I can only assume would become a 9-5 workday?

    How did you ensure that your children learned reading writing and arithmetic as smaller children? My 4 year old knows none and I am unsure how to tackle this other than read read read to her and make tools available to her that will help her figure it all out. How does it work legally? My state requires that my children receive 4.5 hours of education for 180 days a year and I must submit paperwork to prove this. Should I just note every time I see them working on something for 15 minutes solid and consider this time earned, or should I just follow the school calender and know that over the course of a year they will get all they need?

    Thank you for taking the time to enlighten us who follow behind in these somewhat murky waters.

  5. I guess this would be for Tim - with so many years since the experience, do you think it shapes who you are and how your interact with society at large? A follow up may be, do you still feel prepared for life? ooooh... I really need to change that profile pic :)

  6. For Tim--

    what was it like unschooling in the 70s, when it was a very new and radical movement? How would you compare it to the unschooling scene now? Also, what was John Holt like?

    For Debbie--

    what were the most challenging parts of being an unschooling mom for you?