Thursday, March 1, 2012

Idzie is Speaking at the Rethinking Everything Conference 2012

The Rethinking Everything Conference is one I've had my eye on for several years, and came very close to attending as a regular ol' attendee a couple of years ago when Daniel Quinn (author of Ishmael and Beyond Civilization among other books) was speaking, but ultimately it was just outside my budget. So I was truly thrilled (and honored) to be invited to attend this year as a speaker! I'm greatly looking forward to being part of this conference, now in it's 16th year, that has the aim of "Exploring our lives in brave new ways, supporting radically empowered birthing, gentle parenting, sustainability, unschooling and self-design, entrepreneuring, super enlightened wellness and sexuality, and lots more." Click below to see the bios of all the speakers and the talks they're doing:

You'll probably notice some familiar names there, like Peter Kowalke of The Unschooling Experiment and unschooling author Dayna Martin, among many other really interesting looking people!

The talks/discussions I'll be doing/moderating myself are as follows:

What Do Unschoolers Do?

It's easy to read lots of philosophy and theory, the history and evolution of unschooling. But when you get right down to it, sometimes it's hard to know what exactly unschooling looks like in actual peoples lives, hard to know what, exactly, unschoolers do? Join this panel discussion to find out about what unschooling looks like in different people's families and lives.

The Art of Nonconformity

Sometimes not going to school is the only thing we're doing that's against the ideals of the dominant culture, but often, unschooling is just the start. When the food you eat, your political views (or lack thereof), your relationships, and the way you're choosing to live your life all seem to set you apart from the majority of people, it can be both a difficult and rewarding experience navigating through the world. Come to share your experiences and support each other, as we discuss finding community, following our own paths, dealing with negativity from others, and other important things to think about when you're living an unconventional life!

Misconceptions of Unschooling

Unschooling especially as it's begun to be a bit better known thanks to recent media attention, is plagued by quite a few myths and misunderstandings about just what it is and how it "works." In this workshop, we'll dispel a bunch of common misconceptions, and discuss sharing what unschooling really is with others.

Unschooling is Forever
Now you're a little bit older, and suddenly the questions are changing. Instead of "don't you have school today?" it's now "so what college are you going to?" We know that unschooling means we're always learning, thus it can naturally continue long past what are conventional compulsory school years for many, though definitely with some new challenges. For those of us who have decided (for the time being, anyway) not to go to college or university, and instead to continue unschooling, it's a unique time and experience in our lives, both very similar yet different from unschooling in the younger years. How does unschooling evolve as we grow older? How do the expectations and reactions from the culture around us change and impact our experiences? Come to this discussion to share your experiences and support with each other.

I hope some of you will be joining me at Rethinking Everything this year, as I'm sure it'll be a fun, challenging, and just all around enjoyable gathering of like-minded people!


  1. Congratulations Idzie! So exciting. I am sure you will do a great job.

  2. That's great! Congratulations!

  3. Looking forward to hearing you!

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