Unschooling Writing

I love unschooling, love what this wonderful lifestyle has done for me personally, and I really love writing about unschooling.  So here is a collection of a bunch of stuff I've written about unschooling, both on this blog and elsewhere!

Introductory Unschooling:

Unschooling 101

Answering Unschooling Questions, Dealing With Unschooling Concerns:

My Response to Some Unschooling Questions and Concerns
Unschooling Questions 
Misconceptions About Unschooling 
The Need For Schooling
Unschooling: A "Hands Off" Approach?
Struggling With Unschooling Negativity
Unschooling Creates "Gaps in Education" 
5 Things Unschooling Is Not, and 5 Things Unschooling Is
Unschooling Isn't Parental Manipulation, It's Genuinely Respecting Children as People
"What Do Unschoolers DO?" 
Blame Unschooling!
On Being an Academic (Or Not!) 
Why is Unschooling so Fringe? 
The Ignorant Commenters Strike Again: "But You Have to Learn to Get Along With People You Don't Like!"
Breaking News: Unschoolers Not as Good at School as Schooled People 
Unschooling: Are We Teaching Ourselves? 
Unschooling and Trust 
Critiquing the Radical Unschooling Critique: Real Negatives or Gross Generalizations?
Unschooling Isn't More Risky, It's Just Less Conventional

Family Life and My Personal Story:

How I Came to be an Unschooler
Growing Up Unschooled...With Siblings 
Unschooling is Learning From Everything 

Specific Subjects:

How I Learned to Read and Write
Sex and Drugs: An Unschoolers Perspective
Unschooling and Access to Media
The Necessity of Shakespeare
School-Free Learning and Religion
Storytelling: An Art With Many Forms, or Why TV Shows Are Cool
How I Learned to Write (It Involved a Lot of Reading!)
5 Ways to Help Someone HATE Reading
5 Ways to Help Someone LOVE Reading

"Socialization" and Similar Things:

The Myth of "Social Awkwardness" Among Homeschoolers & Unschoolers
The Socialization Question Hits Adulthood: Unschooled Identity and Fitting In

Terminology and Definitions

Unschooling is Not Relaxed Homeschooling
"Unschooling": Good Term, or Bad?
Teaching vs. Learning
Some More Thoughts on Teaching and Learning
The Term "Homeschooling" Sucks

The Unschooling Community, Unschooling Publicity:

Unschooling Gets Publicity...In a BIG Way!
Unschooling Publicity in Montreal
Unschooling in the News
Unschooling Gatherings

Miscellaneous Unschooling, Parenting, and Youth Rights:

Bare Feet and Learning Connections (on Enjoy Life Unschooling)
Why I Think Unschooling is the Best Option... For Everyone.
The Cons of Unschooling
A Few Thoughts About Unschooling
On Being "Childish"
What Life Looked Like Today
The Worth of Mud
A Parental Right?
Homeschooling Doesn't Mean Your Kids Will be Like You 
Learning Advice from a Learning Life
The Frustration of Being That Unschooled Person
Emotional Health and the Power of Choice, or Why Kids Should be Able to Avoid Things
Vague Advice and the Flexibility of Unschooling
Quizzing is For School, Not Life
When You're An Unschooler, Ignorance is the Greatest Sin
When Unschooling Isn't Perfect: a Call for More Compassion and Less Striving for Philosophical Purity

Respectful Parenting:

Curfews: Is There a Better Way?
Teenage Rebellion: An Unschooling, Respectfully Parented Perspective
Teens, Control, and the Nature of Love

College (or Not)

What About College
Unschooling for Adults
Uncollege, Hackschooling, and When Success and Profit Hijack the Message


The Hidden Curriculum and the Truth About Schooling

Post Series'

Why People Don't Get Unschooling #1: Don't Trust Yourself!


Unschooling is Forever (given at the Toronto Unschooling Conference)
Against the Current  (given at the Toronto Unschooling Conference)
Occupy Education Conference Talk

Interviews & Questionnaires:

Interview With An Unschooler on Make it Education That Promotes Intellectual Curiosity (from Dec/01/08)
20 Unschooling Questions: Idzie from Montreal, QC, Canada on Do Life Right (from Jul/29/09) 
Unschooled for Life: Idzie's View on Radio Free School (from Apr/14/10)
Life Learning: An Unschooler's Perspective on Connected Mom Magazine (June/08/10)

Reviews of Unschooling and Unschooler Friendly Books:

For The Sake of Our Children by Leandre Bergeron
The Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn
101 Reasons Why I'm an Unschooler by ps pirro
A Rule is to Break: A Child's Guide to Anarchy

Writing About Unschooling Conferences and Gatherings I've Been To:

Not Back to School Camp 2008
The Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gathering 2009
The Northeast Unschooling Conference 2009
Not Back to School Camp 2009
The Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gathering 2010
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