Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Untraditional Adult Paths

It's now official: Eli Gerzon and I are doing a discussion called Untraditional Adult Paths, with the following description:

After all the freedom of unschooling what happens when you're not at all interested in a traditional adult path of college and working in an office? Grown unschoolers Eli Gerzon and Idzie Desmarais will talk about their thoughts, struggles, and triumphs with finding work and a life that pays the bills, is joyful, and contributes to the world.

If you're going to the conference, perhaps I'll see you there! :-)



  1. If there's gonna be a recording of the discussion made public somewhere on the Net, well, I'd be interested...

  2. Oh that sounds super awesome! Just what I need to hear about. I can't wait!

  3. sounds like an awesome discussion... its too bad I will be missing it though. =(

  4. Gotta find some way to at least go to the one in Atlanta, even if it's almost impossible (situation-wise).

    Oh yeah, hi! I started visiting your blog about 2 weeks ago. Really enjoy reading about your life.

  5. The perils of living on the other side of the planet. :(

  6. Hoping to go, we live near Ottawa with our daughter who's birthday is on the first day of the conferencr! so we'll have to brave our first road trip to hear your talk about her future could possibly look like.

  7. whoops, i thought this was about your talk in totonto this coming september, i guess i clicked a faulty link somewhere, haha


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