Thursday, July 31, 2008

Letter writing and grandma's once again!

We (my sister and I) received a second letter from a mutual friend of ours (who's away at camp) today. It's good to hear from him. And since I haven't written anything to him yet, I wrote him a letter full of local gossip and goings on. Just the type of things you miss hearing about when you're away!

We also visited my grandma. We've been seeing a lot of her lately it seems! She really wanted to see us since we're going away on Saturday (the day after tomorrow, yikes!).

I read more of the TLH and looked into various association's that help teens with travel. Cool stuff...

I'll try to write tomorrow, but I'll be busy packing and may not be able to. When I come back, I will post pictures!


July 30

I'm too tired to remember exactly what I did yesterday! I wrote a letter to the Gazette, stating my views on something... But other than that, I'm coming up with a blank. Oh well...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bush trimming and science shows

I was lazy for much of the day, until I decided to head out and enjoy the beautiful day. My mother was gardening all day, and when I finally emerged from the house I helped out a bit by trimming the bushes. My dad also got his new (to him only) Yamaha motorcycle started up. VROOM VROOM! I'm really looking forward to getting a ride on it once it's all fixed up...

It was my dad's birthday today, so we kept it it casual like he wanted, ordered in a pizza, and got cake from Premier Moison, an amazing local bakery. Then my dad and me watched an episode of Nova, and the episode of Nova Science Now that followed. We both enjoy that show. Cool stuff...

I read a few essays on Paganism and Wicca which where quite interesting, and then I wrote this!

Oh, and at some point during the day I finished packing. (Almost) all set for the cottage! Yay!

Monday, July 28, 2008

New look

Today I got a haircut!! I still look like a hippie though. :-P It's all curly and bouncy. Me like. :-)

We (very briefly) visited my grandma, then visited my grandpa's grave since today is the 8th anniversary of his death. Not a cheerful anniversary. I love the Jewish custom of leaving a small stone on the headstone. It feels more personal being able to leave something more lasting than flowers at a grave...

After we picked my dad up from the airport, I started sorting my clothes, since I need to pack! We're heading to our cottage Saturday, that day is very rapidly approaching, and we are most certainly not ready!

As soon as I get the time, I want to make a video blog post type thing, and post it on YouTube. Hopefully that will happen soon.

Listening to today: Day Three: Pain by Ayreon (an absolutely fricken amazing song and band/project!!)

Religious research, chattering, and much exhaustion

I enjoyed just relaxing outside for a while, watching the world go by, and talking to my mother and her friend. On that note, many people consider a teen to be a 'loser' if they get along/spend lots of time with their parents, or if they actually have conversations with adults. I say that's ludicrous. One thing I hear a lot (although not to my face thank goodness) about homeschooling (which most people lump unschooling in with) is that all the kids are 'mama's boys/girls' and are controlled by their parents. For my family, that's simply not true. I find the kids that have the best relationships with their parents, both un/homeschooled and regular schooled, have good relationships because their parents treat them with respect and do not try and overload them with rules. There really is very little we "can't" do, and I'm far from rebellious. I've never done drugs (although I want to try marijuana sometime, just to see what all the fuss is about), I've never gotten drunk even though I'm allowed to have alcohol if I want (the thought of getting drunk just isn't appealing to me), the closest I've come to breaking the law is jaywalking! But all the stuff I haven't (or have) done is because of me choosing whether or not to do it, not my parents. And as for the mama's girl thing, I've been away from home before. I can survive without my mother holding my hand. I simply spend time with my parents, or other adults, because I enjoy their company. One thing I've found, yet many considerably older people seem yet to have grasped, is that old or young, gay or straight, white or black, there really isn't much of a difference. Of course everyone is unique, but it is their personalities that set them appart, not any other factor. So here ends my rant on that.

I did some interesting research today on Unitarian Universalist's, a religious group I'd heard a bit about, not enough to really understand their beliefs, but enough to make me curious. From what I'd heard, it sounded like it might fit my mother's beliefs. Turns out, it just might. She finds it interesting, but doesn't want to join any religious groups since she's "too busy". And it's not really my cup of tea. I'd love to find a community that understood my beliefs, but although UU's are creedless and welcoming of all religions, and their guidlines fit my personal beliefs, it still seems too much like going to Christian church, and they "teach" children and teenagers about religion, something that turns me off. No one has ever "taught" me anything very important in my life. I've LEARNED from people, and they've shared their knowledge, but not "taught". I don't believe in teaching. End second rant.

With my learning more about religion, I discovered a Pagan resource center in Montreal. Something I'm definitely interested in looking into more thoroughly...

Of course, we also picked my sister and her friend up from the second and last day of the anime convention. Once again, they chattered all the way home. They spent the whole day hanging out with some new friends, and seemed to quite enjoy themselves.

Wow, this post is unusually long... But I think that's probably a good thing, so it's all good!

Listening to today: 99.9 The Buzz radio station

Reading: I think I read something, but I can't remember what... Maybe I didn't read anything today...?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Movies, manga and SUSHI!!!

Yesterday was a good day. Early in the morning, before I was up, my sister headed off to the manga and anime convention with a friend, so I was a bit bored early on in the day, but as soon as I was forced to turn my computer off due to the storm, I started to enjoy myself. I talked to my mother for a while, discussing our favorite things (environmentalism and other hippie-ish things). After she headed out to run a few errands (I hate gray days and didn't feel like going with her), I settled down to watch one of my all time favorite movies, Howl's Moving Castle. Hiyao Miyazaki, creator of that and several other amazing movies, is a genius. He takes animated storytelling to a whole new level!

When my mother arrived back home, we made sushi! I love vegetarian sushi, and contrary to many people's opinions, it's not all that hard to make. It's a bit time consuming, what with cutting up all of the vegetables and everything, and it takes a bit of practice to get the rolls tight (the rolling is up to my mom :-P), but it's certainly not rocket science. Here's a picture of the delicious finished project...

Cucumber, avocado, grated carrots and alfalfa sprouts. Yummmm :-)

I had a marvelous meal time conversation as well. A very good mother daughter bonding day all around :-P

In the evening, my mother and I headed down town to pick up my sister and friend, and they happily chattered about their day and the people they met, as well as showing us all of the stuff they bought! My sister got me a cool laminated bookmark with the character L from Deathnote on it (he was my favorite from the series!) and a Boo (from Nintendo games) pin. All cool. I will write more tonight!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunny days

Today I decided, after much boredom holed up inside like a hermit, to go outside in the beautiful sunshine and sunbathe. I rarely do that, what with evil rays and all that, but it was just such perfect weather today and I need to get a bit more colour! I took pictures, to. I can never resist taking pictures... :-P

I got a book on neo-paganism, so that should be interesting to read, even if it is over 20 years old!

Oh, and I also went bra shopping with my mother and sister, an errand that takes me about 20 minutes tops, and my sister over an hour... Oh well.

Overall boring day I guess. I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff, but I'm too tired to think, nevermind write. So I'm off (possibly to bed) for now.

Friday, July 25, 2008

More days with no posts! Arrrrgh!

July 24

I honestly cannot remember what I did, so it must have been a boring day. Either that or I'm really too tired to be writing this! Oh wait! I remember... It rained. Beautiful sheets of water falling down... Thunder booming. Storms fill me with energy, they make me feel alive. I also danced around being very hyper and annoying everyone. :-)

July 23

We went to my grandmothers house to see my great-grandmother, age nearly 98, off. She was heading to her birthplace of Gaspe with her son. She owns a nice old house there, right next to the house she was born in nearly a century ago. Cool, eh? Amazingly, she's still with it a good portion of the time. This particular visit she knew exactly who we were and what was going on. I felt bad for her since she was scared of traveling (she hates pretty much any form of travel and always has!). After she was picked up, we just spent time with my grandma for a while...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Dark Knight

I went to see the newest Batman movie today, The Dark Knight. I'm not usually a fan of action films, but my sister had seen it previously and bugged me into watching it as well! I didn't find it quite as amazing as she did, but it was pretty darn good, especially considering the fact it didn't drag one bit in it's nearly 2 and 1/2 hour running time. All the hype about Heath Ledger is well deserved. He plays an utterly believable, extremely psychotic, and very memorable villain. This film is definitely far above all it's competitors in the genre.

I continued (and continue) to read Native legends.

Considering how late I woke up this morning, I'm too tired. I don't feel like going to bed yet though! Oh well...

Listening to today: Wings of Time by Tyr (a really cool folk metal band that sings in a dialect of old Norse), Over and Over by Three Days Grace, Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvava

Monday, July 21, 2008

Other bits of history

I learned that there isn't really all that much to know when handling old documents. Mostly common sense type stuff. You should always wash you hands, as the oil and bacteria on your hands can damage paper and attract more dirt where there is oil residue, store the papers in a stable environment, only store in acid free folders and/or boxes... Apparently it's also important not to store newspapers with other papers, since newspapers have a high acid content which damages other paper.

Another piece of history my grandmother sent home was an old box camera. I mentioned it to my father, and he was curious, so we both fiddled with it (it's supposed to open but it's jammed shut!), and I did a bit of research online. It's a Kodak no. 2 cartridge hawk-eye model c, made between 1926 and 1934. Sadly, from what I could find it's extremely common and sells for between $5 and $15. Still pretty cool though. All our camera investigation caused my dad to get out his old Nikon (from the 70's) which still works perfectly. He explained how it worked (I know about apertures and shutter speeds and that already, just not how to adjust them on that camera), and it's a really nice camera... It gives you way more control than your average modern point-and-shoot model.

My cool old Kodak camera... They've come a long way, haven't they?

I also spent a LOT of the day reading Native American legends. I quite like the book The Telling of the World. Except for introductions, which I almost never read, I've been reading straight through. I love the fact that most stories portray animals and humans as completely equal, something virtually never found in western myth's. I also learned that unlike our western culture (especially in the time of the settlers), natives were not afraid to talk about sex (some of the stories were quite amusing!). Anyway, I'm greatly enjoying all the stories, which are taken from a variety of North American tribes. I'm off to read a bit more of that before bed now!

Listening to today: NOTHING. *Gasp*

Reading: The Telling of the World

Old newspapers and magazines

Well, early this afternoon I was dragged to my grandparents (on my fathers side) house. I expected to be bored stiff as usual, since they don't speak English all that well, and I don't really speak French at all (I do know how to say a lot of simple stuff, I just freeze up when people are actually listening!). However, I wasn't really bored for most of the time. They spoke English, and I actually talked. I think I totally surprised (and amused) my grandfather by actually having opinions of my own!

I continued reading the Teenage Liberation Handbook, and got even more idea's of thing to do.

In the evening, my sister wanted to go see a movie with a couple of friends, so after my mom and I dropped her off we went to my grandmother's (on my mother's side this time) house. And I was absolutely thrilled with what she found for me in her basement. A newspaper from May of 1918. It's yellowed, cracked, and it's only a few pages, but I felt goosebumps as I held it. There in my hands was an actual peice of history. The first world war was still going on, and there is even a list of those who died or were injured the previous day, with names and where they lived. There's an advertisement for shoes that cost $3.50. It's downright amazing. She also gave me a stack of magazines ranging from ten to sixty years old, and a complete copy of the Montreal Star from February of 1952. I can't wait to look through that one as well! And I decided I want to start a collection of old papers and letters and stuff. Old writing. I'm going to send out a post on Freecycle... Now I need to find out how to safely handle and store papers that are that old... My job for tomorrow!

On that same subject, I've always loved old books and things, but had kind of forgotten about that particular interest until today. Now I've been thinking how cool it would be to volunteer in a museum and help the archivist sort through papers and documents. I don't know if helpers in that particular position are usually needed, but I'd be happy to give it a try. To get my hands on all those little windows into another time and place, another human mind... Anyway, enough ranting on that for now.

Listening to today: To Lose The Way by Josh Woodward, something I can't remember by Nirvana

Reading: TLH, ancient newspapers

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Depressing world we live in, isn't it?

I actually read the paper today, which I haven't done in a while. I learned even more about how depressing a place the Democratic Republic of Congo is. There's a civil war going on now, and thousands of girls and women are being raped by the official military, the militia, and their own neighbors. Reading that really made me sad... I also read a cool piece on organic farming.

I also did some more research into Paganism. On that note, since I haven't mentioned it in any of my posts yet, I'm Pagan. The best description would be eclectic Paganism. I believe most of the stuff found in Wicca, but I don't like all the rules and hierarchy that comes with it. I've realized recently that a few of my beliefs can be described as Animist, and I also have some beliefs that seem to be all my own. I really enjoy finding out more about all the different Pagan religions... I'm very happy with the path, or at least the direction, that I have chosen. It just feels right to me.

On a different note, quiet day overall... I hung out outside for a bit, soaking up the good weather... Argued with people I don't like, talked to people I do like... And that's about it.

Listening to today: Prayer of the Refugee by Rise Against

Reading: the newspaper

Friday, July 18, 2008

So, now that I'm done catching up... (read below post)

Today, our guest for the week had to go home. Things are so much quieter without her! Drama seems to hang around her in an ever present cloud, so things are very rarely boring (or restful) when around her!

It's official now: everyone thinks (knows) I'm a hippie. And teases me. Since hippies are amazingly cool though, I'm not exactly insulted. I had an interesting discussion on marijuana, dealing, using, culture of use etc. Just a note, although I may be a hippie, I personally don't do drugs of any sort. I do find the culture surrounding drug use interesting, however.

We also ran around in the rain, dancing and singing, drawing on the wet car, eating edible plants, making flower chains, talking and, of course, getting very wet. I'm sure we appeared to all passers by to be using some type of mind altering substance! Great fun.

This evening, I picked up my copy of The Teenage Liberation Handbook and continued reading. I find that whenever I start feeling hopeless, listless, and inadequate, reading Grace Llewellyn's ever optimistic words always helps instill me with enthusiasm once again. I will always keep that book close at hand for whenever I need a pick-me-up about education, or really, life in general. I'm greatly looking forward to meeting her for myself this coming Fall!

The news was interesting today. There was a segment on musical education in elementary schools, and I found myself feeling sorry for all the poor kids trapped in school. And even more interestingly, a segment on the clothing industry in Quebec, and it's problems with outsourcing to Asian countries. The more I know about our world culture, the more I think our entire system needs a complete overhaul. I'm still searching for ways I can be instrumental in that...

Oh, and I discovered an amazing artist today! His name is Josh Woodward and he plays acoustic rock, and gives away all of his music for free. Yes, you read that right. You can download mp3's of all his songs from his site for free, or buy the hard copy's of his CD's for anywhere between $2 and $20, you choose. Pretty darn cool in my opinion. His music really is awesome. You can check him out at

Listening to today: To Lose The War, I Want To Break Something Beautiful, and Josephine by Josh Woodward

Reading: TLH (again)

Arrrrrrgh!! Way too long without writing...

My marvelous little friends :-)
July 15

I learned that a guy I used to know when I was young has skin cancer. He's a couple of years younger than me, and has the worst type of skin cancer you can get, Melanoma. I spent that day comforting a friend of mine who still knows him well, and researching the disease. Quite educational, but very grim. I wish him all the best and just hope that everything turns out fine.

July 16

We already have a friend staying over this week (pictured above), and a friend of hers (also in above picture) came over. He's awesome. I've been enjoying their company greatly.

July 17

The cool dude slept over (do I have the most awesome parents or what?) but sadly had to be brought home this evening. His dad owns a hot sauce store, and he was telling us a bit about that. Also interesting about this guy, he's an emo/scene kid, which brings up all sorts of stuff about how teens have a need to fit in or rebel, how looks and style affects the way other people see you, etc. Quite fascinating really.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In the last two days...

Since I've fallen down on the job here, I'll tell you (briefly) what happened in the last couple of day.

July 14

Talking talking talking! I discussed sustainable living extensively with my mother as we cooked supper together (Moroccan Lentil Soup and Chicken and Celery Soup). It was nice to make a really good home cooked meal again, as it's something my mom's been rushing around too much to do in a while. I also discussed random things with my dad... And since a friend was over, stayed up until about 2:30 a.m. talking some more! Good times...

July 13

Well, I'm afraid the highlight of that day was not anything spectacular, just the most recent Foyles War mystery. I love that mystery show! Yes, it's aired on PBS, but I don't like all the shiny chase scene filled CTV ones.... So yeah, Foyles Way is awesome.

I'll fill in today's details tonight...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shopping and chilling...

Shopping briefly once again today. I got an absolutely awesome purple glittery shirt! Wow, that made me sound really girly. I just love glittery things though, and purple! Anyway, shopping is fun. But I've decided (except for a couple of things I actually need) not to buy cloths for a while, since cloths are hard on the environment as well. Synthetic fabrics are made from oil, and cotton is sprayed with a LOT of pesticides and crap. Nasty stuff.

In other news, I chatted with some people online, thought about life and where I want to go in it, chattered enthusiastically with my dad (or should I say at him!). I had a lot of news to fill him in on, since he's been away for a whole week! I feel like I could have done more, so I'm a bit dissatisfied, but I still really enjoyed chattering. :-) I tend to be considered quiet, but that's only in certain circumstances. Mostly, I'm not!

Also of note, today marks the one week anniversary of this blog. Yay! I actually managed to write every day! I plan to keep that up... So, off to bed, since I'm still rather tired today. I'll recover from my late nights eventually I'm sure...

Listening to today: something by Communic... Don't remember what it was called.

Reading: A book on urban legends. Can't go see what it's called because I have a cat on my lap. Oh well...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Yet more cleaning...

I got a ridiculously small amount of sleep last night (there was a minor crisis, but everyone is still alive and no one ended up in hospital so all good!). I cleaned more. We picked my dad up from the airport. I had a short discussion with him about the machinery at the mine he was at, watched a bit of news... And now I'm going to bed. Will write more tomorrow.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Waaaay too much cleaning!

Today, I'm exhausted. I had very little sleep last night, since I went to bed exceedingly late and woke up early. *Groan*. While my dad is out of town my mom is remodeling our pantry, and in the process both making a lot of mess and cleaning up much of our messy house. Her best friend was over for most of the day, helping and directing. A lot got done, but I'm worn out as well as being tired now!!

During the day I made a quinoa salad, but it was a bit of a flop. Oh well. With some serious tweaking it could still be good... Speaking of food, I'm seriously considering becoming vegan. It would be a big change though, so that's why I'm thinking a lot before making the decision! Also, my mom's friend knows of a vegetarian cooking course nearby. I think it's probably a very basic one, though, but I'm going to look into it anyway.

After the cleaning finally stopped, my mom, sister, and I headed to the local mall for a bit of shopping. I got a really cute little black dress for an amazing price!

I listened to some more music in my (very little) spare time, read a small amount of The Teenage Liberation Handbook, and that was about it...

I'm going to go eat a very late supper now, and probably get an early night.

Listening to today: Dear Mr. President (I can't get enough of that song!) by Jason Fisher, Day Sixteen: Loser by Ayreon (one of the greatest bands ever!)

Reading: The TLH

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Music, lovely music

Later last night I decided I was hungry, having eaten a very late lunch and skipped supper, so I made myself some noodles vegetables and tofu in oriental peanut sauce. Next time I make that I'll have to actually measure and post the recipe here...

Today, I discovered some amazing new music. Dear Mr. President by Jason Fisher made me very sad. I listened to it about 5 times though, because it is also very moving, and very pretty. I also really liked Witness by Ember Swift. If you're interested in listening to either of those songs (or a whole bunch of other ones) in full for free, check out this link Oh, and all those musical selections are from the July/August issue of Veg News. I finished reading the articles I hadn't gotten to previously, and found myself once again energized and ready to make a difference in the world. I'd advise checking it out, perhaps it can do the same thing for you...

I wrote a new poem today. Quite possibly the most difficult to understand poem I've ever written (at least according to my mom. When I finished it she was the only one around, so I've yet to get other opinions...). Here it is...

Hope is a powerful word

How can you describe
The spirit of an open night
The shadow on the wings of flight

To feel your mind
The taste of summer on your tongue
A glittering expanse of icy tears

Ten thousand souls in laughing song

To smiling relate
A shattered window held by will
An only tree that's growing still

To try-

Yet you can't describe.

The deepest whole
An endless soul

Of night and light and windy skies
Of death and life and hands-held-high

We simply know

With tears of gladness filling
Cupped hands
And hollow hearts

If you would like to read some of my other poems (it would make me very happy if you did. Even happier if you left a comment or two. :-P), check out my poetry blog at:

I wrote the start of another poem, but decided I didn't like it so stopped.

Tomorrow, when I'm hopefully more awake, I'm going to write a letter of protest to CBC. I find it disgusting that on one program, they talk about better animal rights laws (Fifth Estate is re-airing an older episode on the abuse of animals in entertainment) yet they air the Calgary Stampede every year, where the animals are hurt and their lives put in danger for the entertainment of the masses. I only wish our culture was evolved enough to no longer find entertainment in something that causes pain to others... Well, that's enough for now.

Listening to today: Witness by Ember Swift, Dear Mr. President by Jason Fisher, Tongue Tied by Faber Drive

Reading: Veg News

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Artsy stuff with a bit of science thrown in

Today, after bouncing around pointlessly and burning off a bit of energy I took out the pencils and paper and drew! I'm actually rather proud of my Pon and Zi drawing.

I will never be a great artist, but this turned out pretty much the way I wanted it to, so it's all good. I also drew a tree nymph, but since I'm considerably less proud of that particular drawing I won't post it here!

I decided my computer desk area could be spiced up a bit, so I started a collage on the wall.

My crap heap of a desk...

And some brand new decoration on the wall! I will continue to add my various art and written work until I run out of space.

I did a few domestic chores (after surprisingly little nagging from my mom), then took a nice walk with friends to the dock and back. That's become a bit of a nightly ritual actually.

Oh, and at some point in the day I started the illustrated A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. When I first heard of this book, I got a mental image of some 500 page complicated scientific thing ('brief' I've found is often a misleading word), but it sounded interesting so I checked it out. Turns out it's under 200 pages, has lots of pretty pictures, and is written in a very easy to understand manner, even for those (like me) who aren't all that strong in the maths and sciences department!

My day doesn't sound all that special from reading this, but I really enjoyed myself today! I haven't drawn anything in so long, and I just had an awesome sense of wellbeing throughuot the day... Good lazy summer times.

Listening to today: Ready to Fall by Rise Against, Drones by Rise Against, Pain by Three Days Grace

Reading: The Illustrated A Brief History of Time

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun with 'environmental studies'

My mother brought home a very interesting magazine today. On finding Veg News at the health food store, she was sure I would enjoy it! And I have. I've been a vegetarian for nine years and counting, having decided I would no longer eat meat at age six (except for hot dogs and chicken nuggets), and having been completely vegetarian since age eight. With magazine in hand, I sat outside in the sunlight reading about animal cruelty, health problems associated with the consumption of meat, and most worrying of all the environmental impact of the meat and dairy industry. The animal-agriculture industry puts out more green house gas emissions than ALL of the cars, trucks, trains and airplanes in the ENTIRE world. That's a ridiculous price to pay for a burger. All was not so heavy reading, however. I also enjoyed the section on vegetarian musicians, listing people from many obscure bands, but also quite a few more well known ones (Death Cab For Cutie, Black Sabbath, Fall Out Boy). I now have lots of cool sounding bands to look up. Yay! Along with just reading Veg Times, I also had an extensive conversation with my mom on the environment and how we can help to protect it, the deplorable animal cruelty that is a regular part of our mass production food system, activism, and how people who are activists or concerned with one of these problems, are usually also concerned with helping society as a whole. Being strong proponents of social freedom and global responsibility as well as working for animal rights etc. I'm going to try very hard to lead a responsible life in every way, and not to add any more nasty stuff to our world if I can possibly avoid it. The more I learn, the more I'm convinced that everyone must change their lifestyles considerably if we wish to survive as a species. On that note, I decided recently that I want to get involved in some form of activism, to try and help change things for the better.

After reading for a while, I happened to step into the backyard, just to find that things had gotten beautifully wild since I last explored it! Here are a few pictures I took that show just how much of a jungle it is back there...

The jungle between my shed and house.

I have no clue what this plant is, but it sure did grow tall!

A field of mint...

Our gorgeous grape vine.

The plants are taking over the compost bin!

After photography and supper, I walked down to the dock with some local friends, hung around at one of their houses for a bit, then headed home. I think I'll make tomorrow more interesting...

Listening to today: I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry, Land Of Confusion cover by Disturbed

Reading: Veg Times August 2008 issue