Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day one of NEU conference

Day 1 (August 26th)

I found out that I have Internet access!! The hotel provides it for free, which is great. I decided what I'll do is write a daily journal entry (unless I'm too busy having fun!) but wait until home so I can upload photo's to go with each day before publishing, EXCEPT for this post, which I'll post now to let people know what I'm up to... I doubt I'll have time to answer comments or emails before I get back, so please don't be insulted if I don't respond until then!

So, we were supposed to leave at at 10:00 am this morning, but due to our usual taking forever to get out of the house thing, by the time we actually left it was closer to 1:oo! We had a cool drive. As we passed through the mountains in Vermont and New Hampshire there were really low hanging clouds, so that we were literally driving through them. They also partially obscured the mountains, so the whole place looked really surreal and magical... Way cool. :-)

We arrived at the hotel at about 8:00 pm, and as I write this at 10:45, I've already met three people/families I know! I have a good feeling about this conference, and I hope that it'll be lots of fun! For now though, no socializing for me. I'm tired, so I'm going to just go to bed... Tomorrow registration opens at 2:00, but hopefully I'll get a chance to hang out with peeps earlier tomorrow, unless of course I decide I really just need to sleep...



  1. I loved having free wireless internet at a hotel. I didn't need to wait until coming back home in order to comment in websites. Waiting more makes "online duties" more overwhelming. It's so painful to feel like you're everywhere with having to do this and that and this and that with the comments and the posts. This, that, some can't go on.

    Glad you're liking New England. I want to go there someday, because there are life moments where you need to balance palm trees with mountains. :D

  2. @Netzi: Hey, nice to *meet* you! :-) I avoided much of that overwhelming pile of online stuff thing by checking messages at the hotel, so yeah, I like having internet access while away! :-P

    New England is lovely, or at least the parts of it I've been too are!