Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Article on un/homeschooling in local paper

Remember that interview on unschooling my mom did ages ago? Well, the article finally came out! And guess what? It's actually positive!! There are a couple of misquotes and slightly inaccurate facts, but hey, it's positive!! :-P Here is the link! EDIT: I just want to make a note that how me co-leading a discussion at ONE conference and having a column published in ONE magazine was turned into me "speaking at conferences and being published in magazines" was thanks entirely to the reporter, not my mom. :-P



  1. Hey, pretty neat for a mainstream article! :D
    Still introducing the basic concept without toning it way down.

    Nice pictures of you guys too!

  2. Hey Idzie,
    I don't know if you have been by my blog lately but I just posted about and the very nice compilation of unschooling blogs they put together for one of their articles. Well, in case you don't not know (I am assuming you are in the dark like I was) you are recognized on there. I can't wait to check out the article your mom has in the paper! Woohoo!

  3. @voon: Awesome to see you here! :-D I know, right? I was pretty impressed, since I've seen some horrible articles about unschooling in the mainstream media! And thanks! I don't like the pics much myself, but ah well.

    @Joie: Thanks for passing on the info! They actually emailed me telling me that my blog was on the list when it first came out, though. I thought they'd emailed everyone on the list! Strange...

    @Smith: Thanks! :-)

  4. I liked that article. There weren't those misconceptions I've seen on others.