Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unschooling and Skipping "Higher Ed"

Beatrice from Radio Free School is doing a series on unschoolers who decide to pass on "higher education", and asked me to answer a few questions.  It reads in part:
"Going against the middle class/mainstream entrenched belief that to have a successful life you have to get higher ed can you define your idea of what success means?"

To me it's quite simple: success to me means nothing more or less than being happy. I find it pretty hard to comprehend how EVERYONE can not see this! Nothing really matters if you're not happy, or working toward finding a place in your life that brings you happiness.
The entire interview can be found here!  Beatrice is looking for other stories of grown unschoolers who are choosing/chose not to go to college or university, so if you want to share your story, drop her a line at



  1. for me success also means being a blessing to those i touch/reach/talk to - bringing them a smile and whatnot - even if i'm not happy at that moment bringing someone a smile or helping them feel valued means a lot to me - like the waitress yesterday who comes up to our table and introduces herself and so i said "hi, i'm deb" and she just busted into this big ole grin at that connection happening - made my morning!

  2. @Deb: I totally agree with you there! I guess it's just that since bringing joy to other people makes me happy, I include it in my general "living a happy life" thing! Making those random connections does feel so good. :-)

  3. I think you're so right. People complicate their lives far too much following some sort of status quo. If you're not happy with what you're doing, why would you continue to do it? I really do believe that happiness is the highest good. Or maybe, greatest good for the greatest number. I think success can also include using your talents and knowledge to help the world.

  4. Guess who else believes that not everybody should go to school: Diane Rehm... Listen in. She talks about it in part 1. I joked that she gave me my degree -that night- in Autodidactic Studies --I was lucky to be in the audience and got to ask her a question!

  5. Hey, it has been a while since I read or posted on your blog. How are you? I see you have linked to my blog. How did you do that so I can repay the favor? :)