Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Interviewed on The Unschooler Experiment Podcast #14: Not Alone in the Woods

Not too long ago I had a very nice conversation with Peter Kowalke, creator of the Grown Without Schooling documentary, writer/editor of the blog The Unschooler Experiment, and producer of a podcast of the same name.  And now that conversation is featured in The Unschooler Experiment Podcast #14: Not Alone in the Woods.  Listen by clicking the link just provided, or the below photo.


As usual when I do any type of interview, I always start thinking, as soon as I've finished, of all the things I wish I'd said differently.  However, I genuinely enjoyed this conversation, so I think that's probably a good sign! Let me know what you think.

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  1. Gorgeous photo, Idzie! I can't listen to the podcast now because children are asleep in the yurt and lovely husband is moaning that I'm on the Internet again and not in bed. But I wanted to say, Hurray! Three posts in rapid succession, two on the same day, and one on Sudbury schools. Liked your comment replies too. Finding common ground is the only way forward.
    Also, just back from the Home Educate Network campout here ourselves and all inspired for the unschooling challenges of the coming year - whole new ball game this year as I try to maintain our healthy 'self-evaluations only' attitude with my two daughters who have chosen to go to school in September...
    Sorry - a bit off topic! Thanks for the inspiration and insight.